Thursday, October 20, 2016

It's great to be 8!

This is a special birthday for Maddox because he gets to be baptized. Which also means that he gets a suit. Which pretty much made his entire life. He has talked about getting a suit for the past year and when the day came he was beside himself. He wanted to wear it the whole entire day but I wouldn't allow him to play in it, so he would change into his suit, tie and all, and just sit on the couch. After a little bit he would change back into his clothes and go play. And then repeated this about 5 times that day. He dreamed of his suit that night and for days kept saying in disbelief, "I can't believe I have a real suit...". One of the many things I love about this boy is the way he appreciates the small things in life to the full extent possible. I love this handsome boy of mine and am so proud of the decision he has made to be baptized. 

Maddox and Preston were born on the same day and in the same hospital. His mom and I rolled our babies down the hall to visit each other, he was Maddox's first friend. It's fun to see them grow up and now they're getting baptized together on the same day. Before long we'll be taking their missionary pictures together!

Maddox was adorable and was so into coming up with different poses for the pictures. Ryder on the other hand was done after the first 5 minutes. He brought his scriptures to "respect the temple" as he said, but instead ran around like a wild banshee. Redemption could only be made with the Wendy's drive thru and eating al fresco on the patio.

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