Thursday, October 20, 2016

"Dancing on the Edge of the Hollywood Sign"

Disneyland can be exhausting, so we decided to take a beach day in between and it was perfect. We haven't been to Santa Monica in a while, yeah it's touristy, but the boardwalk is pretty picturesque and it was a fun spot to take pictures with Kylie. She's a fun girl to have around. The cloud cover burned off and made for the perfect day. It's been fun having Joe and the Bawdin's here with us too, like one big NZ family reunion. 

Hot Chelly Ray inspired me with their line, "we'll be dancing on the edge of the Hollywood sign" and I immediately added it to my bucketlist. It was a beautiful sunset hike to such an iconic landmark with the lights of LA glittering in the background. It wasn't all perfect, in true LA style it took us an hour to drive 8 miles and I was stressed about getting up there before sunset, Maddox was convinced his legs were going to legit fall off, there were moments of tears and tension, but the serenity at the top just couldn't be matched. Made better only by the birthday cake Oreo's in honor of Maddox.

 Ryder was so cute to stop and take pictures every so often, he must take after his mama

Another one of our NZ missionaries, Elder McClellan, met up with us for the hike. It's been fun having all of these reunions and reminiscing about the Merivale days.

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