Friday, February 20, 2015


Jason was in charge of the Young Men's camp (which turned out awesome, I'll write more on that later) so Judy had the grand plan of taking us (along with her daughter and grandson) on our own little camping adventure while he was gone. Of course a camping trip with Grandma Judy is never just a camping trip. It starts with a spontaneous stop at a river for a picnic and to do a little cliff jumping in icy water. Jayden's pride wouldn't allow for him to get shown up by a grandma, so he was the only other one brave enough to jump in. And then got the chills and mild hypothermia afterwards, but totally worth it.

And then she broke the rules and created her own camp site outside of the designated camp ground just because the view was amazing. And then roamed around the campground in a hot pink nighty every morning.

And then she had a custom bath tub made, complete with gas burners to heat the water so that we could have hot bubble baths on the beach every night. Besides Jayden turning 50 shades of red when Judy stripped down to her bra and underwear and hopped in the tub next to him when she couldn't find her swimsuit, it was one of the coolest things we've done the entire time we've been here. We would put the kids to bed and soak in the hot water while sitting under a sky lit up by a million stars and listening to the waves crash. Sometimes we would sit in silence just soaking it all in and sometimes we would discuss deep topics like UFO sightings and the theory of aliens trying to retrieve treasures from the pyramids. One night after everyone had all gone to bed Kylie was still awake so we snuck outside and sat under the incredible night sky. I tried gracefully to scoop her up on my lap while sitting in a camp chair, but it turned out really awkard and we laughed about how big she has gotten and sat there talking about life. It really was a treasured memory for me.

The kids got lost in their imaginations, Judy cooked us amazing food, we ventured into town for a swim at the public pool and ate ice cream at a park and then took about a hundred more pictures of the kids in the bathtub. That Judy sure knows how to turn the ordinary into the extraordinary. It's always a party when she's around and there will definitely be an emptiness when she's not a part of our daily lives. So grateful to have memories like these to hold onto.


Jodee said...

Oh Grandma Judy. I get so sad thinking about you guys without her and her without you. Seriously, it's just not right. She belongs with you and you with her. What an amazing trip you guys will never forget. The hot tub on the beach is just the best. And picturing Jayden's face when she climbs in in her skivvies made me laugh so much. Love that! Tell miss Judy I say hello and will definately look her up when we venture back to the south island. because you know we have to.

Janessa said...

Of course Judy would have a custom made bath tub that she takes camping! I have never been so in love with somebody I've never met! Your life will never be the same. I hope I get to meet the legend someday :)