Saturday, February 28, 2015

Love day

I love the holidays, I really do. I love the little details and traditions that make them special. But I'll admit, as I was cutting out 40 paper hearts at midnight to heart attack their doors and setting my alarm to wake up early to make our traditional crepe breakfast, I was wishing that maybe I hadn't loved holidays so much. I sat there with the glow of Netflix on the computer screen and the rhythmic breathing of Jason sleeping in the background, trying to think of phrases to write on their hearts. I started out with the generic "I love you!" "you're awesome!", but as I tried to put more thought into each one, I was overcome with gratitude for the opportunity I have to raise such incredible kids. For the chance I have to get to know each one of them so intimately, to know their strengths and help them with their weakness. All my thoughts came pouring out and before long I ran out of hearts, but still had so much more that I wanted to tell them. Forget the heart confetti and red balloons, this is what Valentine's Day is really about. Oh,and fondue dinners too, because, I'm kinda fond(ue) of them. Oh I'm a clever one, watch out.


Ali said...

Always lovely Jamie! Always always always love your posts!!!

Janessa said...

You are the best mom ever! You do all the fun cute stuff but your heart is totally in it too. I hope your kids know how lucky they are!

Jodee said...

Looks perfect to me. Love the pic with kiley blowing the hearts. So cute.