Friday, April 19, 2013

Testosterone on display (aka: pinewood derby)

If you know Jason, you know he's competitive.  If you know Jayden, you know he's a clone of Jason.  You can only imagine the time they put into this little wooden car.  Not to mention the money. I'm emberassed to admit how much they spent, but let's just say they probably could have bought a pretty tricked out remote control car for the same price.  Buuuuut, they wouldn't have the memories.  The memories of pouring over an official "how to win a pinewood derby" book, the memories of sawdust sticking to their sweaty arms while shaving it down to a precise measurement, the memories of getting the weight and shape down to a science.  So glad they were able to bond over this project, and even though his car came in third place, it was still a win/win.

Such a Jayden look, trying to restrain his excitement from a winning heat

And then this love fest turned into them both layed out flat on the floor crying and the only way to console him was to let him raid the refreshment table and run amuck the rest of the night.  It was all down hill from there.


Ronnie said...

What a perfect pair for this moment in life. I love his excitement and trying to restrain it when his car won. And I am so impressed how good you can make church gym pics look!

Janessa said...

I LOVE that picture of Jayden about to burst with excitement. What great memories for sure. Just wait until next year:)