Wednesday, April 03, 2013

Vancouver Part I

We arrived in Vancouver that evening, grabbed some burgers for dinner and found our hotel.  It was in the heart of the city and we sorta felt like we were in a NY penthouse.  The next morning called for more hiking (surprise!).  At this point the pictures are all beginning to look the same, but for us desert dwellers who rarely get to see real woods, it was quite a treat.  Once again it was fahhhhhreeeezing. I had to convince the kids that they really were having fun since all they thought about and talked about was how cold they were.  The first stop was Lynn Canyon park with its huge suspension bridge.  If you are afraid of heights, then forget about it.  It was suspended hundreds of feet above a rushing river, it was breathtaking but made you dizzy to look down. 

You know, just your normal Big Foot warning.

This is the one and only non-fast food and non-take out meal that we attempted.  Ryder is just crazy.  In the short amount of time we were there he managed to dump an entire bowl of noodles upside down, chuck atleast 5 chopsticks like javelines and force a neighboring customer to get up and switch tables.  Good thing it was just Pho and not a five star restaurant.

 The Capilano Suspension Bridge park was on my top list of places to go, but Ryder drained every last ounce of energy out of me and the kids voted that they would rather have dad go because he's more fun, all I do is take pictures.  So I got to enjoy a few hours to unwind and Jason made me proud (and the kids mad) by taking a whole gaggle of pictures.  They had just as much fun as I had anticipated, running across the tree tops on bridges and cliff walks and playing Tarzan and Jane for the afternoon.

Ending each day with a dip in the pool was a fan favorite.  I always opted for the hot tub and the hot tub only, dad's were created for cannon balls and marco polo. 

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Janessa said...

Oh my coolness! Those bridges are amazing! I totally want to take my kids to the Capilano Suspension Bridge park. That looks like the funnest place ever! I would probably have a hard time convincing some of them to come back home with me. Jason did a great job on photo duty. Too bad you weren't able to go! The family swims do look like a lot of fun. Glad you got to ejoy the hot tub. You know I would have been right there with you. Oh, and I forgot to tell you how cute Ryder looked in that last post with his beanie hat!