Thursday, April 04, 2013

The End

I knew I would love Victoria, but I wasn't prepared to fall so hard for Vancouver. It kinda swept me off my feet with with its urban big city, remote forests, sandy beaches and beautiful ski resorts all within an hour of the city.  It was like a mix between Chicago and San Francisco with a little hint of New York on the side. Our last day in Vancouver we spent in Stanley Park.  Walking the sea wall, playing at the playground and dreaming about coming back in the summer.  

Jason wanted to drive up to the ski resort. Of course Jason wanted to drive up to the ski resort.  We grudgingly obliged, but the truth was, the view was spectacular.

On our way back to Seattle we took a detour to Burnaby Village, and it was a detour well worth making.  It's a little village they created that's set in the 1920's era.  If I could pick to live in any time period, I think the Roaring 20's would be it. Some of the buildings are originals that they transported here and most of the artifacts are originals.  I was content just walking around picturing the 1920's Jamie prancing around in her flapper dress, but the scavanger hunt was what got the kids going.  They had clues hidden through out the village and after they found them all they got a treat at the General Store.  The unlimited carousel rides is what floated Ryder's boat.

And the carousel workers are what floated mine.  Seriously, it made my whole trip.  I have never seen someone take their job so seriously.  For pete's sake, they had safety demonstrations before each and every ride.  Kylie couldn't believe I was sneaking a picture, "real mature mom, real mature". But seriously, a grown man demonstrating the proper technique for mounting and dismounting a carousel horse is just screaming "take my picture!". Despite the safety demo, we still got cited for 3 safety violations. 2 involving Ryder not being close enough to the bar and one for me wearing my purse instead of stowing it safely under the horse.  Oh man did we all have a good laugh about this one. Some of us were a little less mature than others.

We pulled into Seattle pretty late and were welcomed by a down pour.  The next morning we had clear skies, but an icy wind.  We just couldn't catch any breaks.  I know the majority of these vacation posts are complaining about the weather, but I didn't realize how much I take the sun for granted and every fiber of my being was craving the heat.  We had some extra time before our flight left so we went to the Seattle museum of flight, which just so happens to be the largest air and space museum in the world (a great recommendation from the Chapman's, thanks!).  We got to board the Air Force One that was used by JFK, Einsenhower and....I can't remember who else. We got to see the actual Space Shuttle that was used to train every astronaut since the beginning of the space program, and a huge collection of World War I & II fighter jets.  It was fascinating, and it would have been more fascinating if Ryder wasn't trying to climb into vintage planes and ram his stroller into displays and if Maddox would let me stop and read about the history instead of telling me that I'm "not a fun kind of mom, but a reading and picture taking kind of mom".  I guess stimulating my brain cells is not okay. 

We made it to the airport, looked like a circus side show going through security and managed to annoy every passenger around us before we even took off. It was a completely full flight, Ryder hadn't napped and refused to sit on my lap.  We're talking back arching, arm flailing and high pitched screaming. Then Maddox got a tongue lashing from the lady in front of him whose seat he was kicking. Thankfully the nice old man sitting next to me knew just the trick to get Ryder to calm down. He plopped a "Got Beer?" hat on his head and he fell asleep before we even reached maximum altitude. Insert deep sigh of relief. Another family vacation under our belt.  A family vacation full of smiling, playing, laughing, crying, relaxing, fighting, hiking, bonding, eating, loving, irritating, but most of all....enjoying.


Janessa said...

Standing ovation for the Youngs! You guys packed it in to the very end. What a fun and memorable vacation! Who knew Vancouver was such a gem. That looks like a fun park with a great view. Burnaby Village sounds like such a fun place. That's awesome that they had such a kid friendly activity. You totally would have rocked the flapper dress! The carousel safety demo picture has to be my favorite! That guy is all business. I can't believe you had TRHEE safety violations and they didn't kick you off. Must have been your lucky day. Really your lucky to have just survived the ride. The air and space museum sounds so cool. So many neat things to see all in one place! Glad everyone survived the flight home and that Ryder even feel asleep tucked safely under his "got beer" hat. Perfect ending to a wonderful vacation!

Chelsea said...

stop it right now about the safety carousel patrol!!!!!!!!!! You have got to be kidding me!? I did some genuine laughing out loud reading that paragraph...and about your purse not being properly stowed away under the horse!

these vacation posts are so great, I just love how you manuever your way around this country (and out of it, soon) with 4 kids in tow and you make it look (mostly) easy! You are a traveling machine and I love this about you! and you never cease to amaze me with how much you fit in and how you find all the cool things to see and do, everywhere you go!

Jodee said...

I am SO glad you guys came up here! I am sorry Seattle's weather wasn't more well behaved but you guys sure made the most of it. Promise you will come back in the summer!
I have some new adventures in mind for Canada now, thanks to your super travel agent skillz!
You guys totally know how to travel in style and pack it all in. What a fun trip I am sure you guys will never forget. Thanks again for coming to see us, we felt so lucky to have gotten some time with you all.