Saturday, May 04, 2013

Happy 11th birthday!

Baby girl turned 11.  We kicked off her day with strawberry crepes and presents (Ryder is eager to dive right in).  We went classy with the wrapping this year, ya know, baby shower gift bags and all the clothes shoved into one shopping bag.  The re-gifted gift bag pile was a little scant. She scored clothes, shoes and even tickets to the Taylor Swift concert on the last day of school.  Just slightly spoiled.

Subway for lunch and donuts for her class.  I had a baby-sitter lined up but she requested to have Maddox and Ryder come too.  She may have had a few regrets after sandwiches and sippy cups began flying across the lunch room, but I thought it was sweet that she wanted them there.

She had a special dinner date to Red Robin that night.

Then came the party that almost didn't happen.  We sent out invitations for a dive-in movie night, then the next day our pool filters broke along with the lamp to the projector. We had 15 girls coming to swim and watch a movie and no pool or no movie projector, I was just a tad bit worried.  Thankfully all the replacement parts came in the nick of time and they had a fun night.

So grateful for this beautiful girl and the young lady she is becoming.  I admire her testimony and her desire to do good.  She is thoughtful and funny and knows how to be a great friend.  She is so cute with her little brothers and has become such a help to me.  Being her mom is a pretty great gig, happy birthday Kylie!!


Ronnie said...

Oh man, I can just see Madison right there next to her wishing her a happy birthday. I makes me sad that they don't live closer. I just know they would be best of friends just like their mommas. I guess it's still pretty great to see how close they remain even far apart. Happy Birthday Kylie! You are amazing and beautiful and so much fun!

Janessa said...

I can't believe how far behind I am on your blog! I heard all about her birthday but it was fun to see all the pictures. I'm glad you were able to get the pool and projector up and running in time! Kylie is an amazing girl. I'm lucky to be her aunt!