Tuesday, January 08, 2013

Snow day #1

Just as predicted, Maddox and Jayden woke up bright and early with visions of snowmen and snow forts dancing in their heads.  And the rest of the day goes as follows: 1/2 hr to bundle up, 10 minutes of play, 1/2 hr to undress and bathe, 1/2 hr later begging to go out. Wash, rinse and repeat. 


Chelsea said...

That is some beautiful fluffy snow! And M is killing me with his smile. Cutest.

Jodee said...

HaI sounds SO familiar. Gotta love snow clothes! And I have got to know where you get your cute snow clothes for your kids. We have the plain black overalls in EVERY stinking size! blah

Janessa said...

That routine sounds very familiar. Keep talking. Help me not feel so sad that we didn't get any real snow to play in. I needed that reminder. Glad you got to enjoy some though! Lucky kids!