Sunday, January 13, 2013

Second {and definately the last} snow day

The novelty of the snow was quickly wearing off. Waking up to a world blanketed in white is breathtakingly beautiful, but scraping ice of the windshield with a credit card, sliding on icy roads and frost bitten fingers and toes got old real fast.  But sledding was on our Utah bucket list and I'm so glad we got to spend the day (okay, hour) watching the kids have the time of their lives.  I would say they are deprived living without snow, but a week of winter wonderland is just about right.

Unfortunately the next day Jayden woke up so sick with the fever, chills and moaning.  Ohhhhh, the mooooaaanniing.  He was so sad to miss out on snowboarding, but Kylie lucked out to have a day with her dad all to herself.  They had a great time and she is doing awesome carving up a storm on those slopes!


Chelsea said...

snow makes the prettiest pictures! and a good photographer helps too :) love Kylie in that last pic, she looks like an old pro. Hope your Monday was good!

Jodee said...

Snow angel picture perfection up there!!! And I totally agree, one week is perfect!

Janessa said...

There definitely are pros and cons to the snow thing. Glad you were able to get your fill of it before running home to your desert. Such great pictures, again! I'm glad Kylie got some time in on the slopes. So sad that Jayden had to miss it though!