Sunday, January 27, 2013

Dancing in the rain

Kylie wanted to do a dance photo shoot in the rain.  And then it got photobombed by two adorably soaking wet boys who didn't want to miss out on the fun.

Then after stripping him down to take a bath he snuck outside for a little streaking session. That chubby little bum gets me every time.


Janessa said...

What a fun shoot! Did Kylie come up with that idea on her own? You two make quite the team:) She is so talented! Her form is so perfect and she can do some amazing things that I didn't know were humanly possible. Wow! It'll be interesting to see where she goes with her talent. And those boys. Oh, my. That cuteness is just too much!!! Did somebody throw Ryder up in the air for that air born picture? That is some serious air! Very impressive! Oh, and that cute naked little bum. Of course you had to get picture of that! I think tomorrow is supposed to be a warm rainy day. I think I will have to add photo shoot to our agenda. Can I borrow Kylie?

Jodee said...

Now that looks like fun! SO SO cute! Your have got to group edit those and hang em up, everywhere!

Michelle Y. said...

Oh that chubby bum is too much to handle! I want to be as flexible as Kylie, she is amazing!