Saturday, August 11, 2012

Tag you're it

I've never had a tag baby and the way his chubby little fingers rub that little tag to a nub just makes me weak in the knees.  He'll lick it, suck it, tickle his cheek with it and frantically search for it while borderline hyperventilating.  Who knew a square inch of immitation silk could bring such comfort? You may be going through a naughty streak, you may pierce my eardrums with your screams and your latest hobby of table dancing may be giving me a heart attack, but boy do you look cute the way you work that tag.


Chelsea said...

ha! welcome to my life x2. and one of those is not Kosty.

Jenna said...

So cute! I LOVE your pictures. I wish I were so talented!!

Janessa said...

No way! Cannon is totally into tags now too!!! He still loves to hold my hair but the tags have become a regular substitute. It's great at church, when we forget a blanket he just plays with the tag on his tie. So cute!