Monday, May 14, 2012

Mother's day  Queen for a day

Oh these people of mine never fail to dissapoint when it comes to my favorite day of the year.  When they start easing off on the foot massages I am quick to remind them of the 21 hours of labor that I endured.  I do leave out the 4th degree tear part, but it's my secret weapon if I hear any complaints about doing the dishes.  No really, these kids and that cute husband always make me feel so special on Mother's day. Three home cooked meals, a clean house, back and foot massages, naps, cards, compliments, hugs and kisses galore and homemade gifts that brighten my day.  Oh, and those cinnamon rolls we dined on during Relief Society were definately something to write home about. I told Jason not to worry about the obligatory flowers, I'm not a fan, I prefer some good old fashioned shopping on his dime, which I did with the ladies this past weekend. Not to worry, I was sufficiently spoiled.  I made the comment to my sister that I wish every day was Mother's day and because she's much wiser and much less self absorbed, she was quick to respond "yeah, but it's nice to feel needed." Of course she is right and I'm so grateful for each one of my babies who need me and for Heavenly Father who trusts me enough to let them call me their mom.  And not a day goes by when I'm up to my eyeballs in laundry, diapers and crying kids that thoughts of my own mother cross my mind and I am in awe that she raised 10 amazing kids (not to toot my own horn) and lived to tell about it.  She is one incredible lady and I'm so lucky for her amazing example that I can attempt to follow.  So this was my view from the chair for most of the day.  Jason looking sexy as ever navigating his way around the kitchen and the kids creating all sorts of gifts for me...

I can't help but smile when I pass by the fridge and see these magnets they made

They discovered they struck gold when they created these "fuzzy buddies" and decided it was their new business venture.  $4.50 later and every kid in Jayden's first grade class is sporting one on their pencil. Lucky for me I got mine comped since it was Mother's day afterall.

Oh and then come the letters. Oh how I love these letters. Dearest Kylie, I will try not to fart so much, and I did not realize polygamy was a fear of yours.

I love the little game Jayden made for me at the bottom, in case I get bored while I'm kicking back all day.

And Nana, I loved when you sang "blossoms of blue" in church and you guys always make my heart feel happy!  (PS-I really want to stay at Mother's day too, but thanks to everyone for making me feel special every most days).


Janessa said...

A well deserved day indeed, Queenie:) You are an amazing mama and your family is lucky to have you. I'm glad you got to kick back and get spoiled. I love all the sweet cards. Kylie's especially cracked me up. "She always farts!" Ha, ha, ha! Happy Mother's day to a wonderful mother!

Chelsea said...

"let your heart stay nice" !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! that is the best quote I've ever heard, surely. Wise wise little man.

Jodee said...

I love how seriously you take your holidays. you deserve all the pampering you get!
and I think taking pics of the cards and letters for the blurb book is genius! No more stashing them away in a million boxes! Well, at least not ALL of them ;)