Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Double digit birthday

Oh happy day indeed!  This baby girl turned 10 and grew up when I wasn't looking.  A birthday of this magnitude requires atleast a week worth of celebrating and she received nothing short of it.  We had a girl's day of shopping (lucky for me shopping is her favorite past time too, not so lucky for Jason)earlier in the week, then unfortunately Jason had to go out of town on her birthday so he took her out for a dinner date the night before and she came back feeling so special and on top of the world. We made sure she spent her day as a princess and then we have her party lined up for this weekend.  Her day started out with her requested strawberry cream crepes.  And lots and lots of bacon.  Which makes it so much worse that I burned the bacon to a crisp.

Jayden was such a sweetheart to her all day, pouring her drink for her and everyone else too

and even gifted her with these erasers he bought at the book fair and then had buyers remorse when he decided saving for a nerf gun was more crucial.  So being the thoughtful boy he was, he offered to let her buy them from him.  He later had a change of heart and just gave them to her, free of charge.  He even went a step farther and used his last $2.99 to buy her a bracelet from the book fair the next day (and only charged her $1 this time, love these kids that I call mine).

I dropped balloons and candy off at the office to be delivered that morning, and just as I had planned she felt loved and emberassed at the same time.  We went back and brought her lunch and got caught up on the 4th grade gossip. Kylie bribed Maddox with Strawberry milk to go tell a boy that her friend liked him.  He quickly became a legend.

We brought ice-cream for the class, and once again Maddox and Ryder reveled in the attention

The rip stick is her favorite gift and she makes it look so easy

I'm here to witness that it isn't as easy as it looks.  Little do they know, I've been practicing while they're at school with Maddox cheering me on.  I can now make it from the front door to the table without falling down, I'm totally going to blow their minds.

We took one of her besties with us to the Mesquite Groves pool and could have stayed there all night but we had pizza and a movie waiting at home (along with homework and a decent bedtime on a school night, what a buzz kill).   It was so fun celebrating Kylie all day, she is such a sweetheart and deserved every single bit of it, happy birthday!!


Janessa said...

Girl, you are on top of things. Not only did you pull off an A+ birthday (with the hubbs out of town even!) but you've already blogged about it too. You amaze me! We sure do love that girl and are glad that she had such an awesome birthday! Good luck with the party tonight!

Chelsea said...

way to set her up for the lifelong birthday diva club! we in the club expect nothing less than everything! ;) No really, its only once a year, I think everyone should get spoiled rotten once a ride that ripstick over t my house so you can one up your biking adventure.

Happy birthday Kylie! a sweet, beautiful little girl indeed!

Jodee said...

You guys party like rock stars over there!
And I agree, you put me to shame! Parties galore and blogging about it just days later!