Sunday, May 06, 2012

Birthday interview

(I stole some of these questions from my sister's blog, thanks Janessa :)

Book-Emily Windsnap
Movie-Monte Carlo
Outfit-"I'm a limited edition" black and white striped shirt with white skinny jeans
Friends-Madison, Marlee, Kaia and Mia
Hobbies-dance, gymnastics
Something you're proud of this past year-teaching myself how to do an aerial on the ground (cartwheel without hands)
A happy thought-feeling the spirit
One of your greatest fears-sharks and alligators
Favorite thing to do with your family-go on family vacations and going to the lake
Favorite scripture story-tree of life
Your birthday wish- to be in company at dance
How many kids do you want to have when you're a mom- 4, 2 boys and 2 girls
What does your future look like-be prom queen, get a bachelor degree at BYU, get married in the temple, be a mom and be a dance teacher
Your best memory as a 9 year old- being on the Stars performance team at Artistic Motion Dance
One thing you want to accomplish as a 10 year old- get my back handspring on the ground

Oh Kylie, what a joy you have brought to our house.  I'm so grateful for all the pink and sparkly things you bring into my life, along with your enthusiasm and sensitive nature.  You are always so thoughtful and nurturing, you are going to make an amazing mother some day.  I love our conversations, our jokes and our girl time. One of my favorite memories with you was when the boys were gone to the lake while we went to your dance performance and when we came home we snuggled up in our jammies, read over the blurb books and laughed about past memories and then watched House Hunters International while eating ice cream.  It was such a simple night but meant so much that I had you to share it with.  I am forever grateful that Heavenly Father trusted me to raise one of his most precious spirits. Happy birthday, I love you and think you're a pretty rad chick!

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Jodee said...

She is such a cute girl. I SO wish her and Maddie could be closer :(
Happy Birthday Kylie!