Thursday, March 01, 2012

  Welcome to Miama, Bienvenido a Miama 

We had a couple of hours to kill before heading to the airport so we bummed around South Beach.  It's no surprise they named a diet after that place, every shop carried the skimpiest clothes, all in size 0.  That's nothing compared to what we saw on the beach...speedos, thongs and even topless women.  Wait, I thought we were back in the states where public nudity is illegal?? Atleast we missed the spring break crowd by a few days. Needless to say, we didn't spend too much time at the beach, which is a shame since it was so beautiful.

Instead we loitered around and window shopped.  The Kardishian's weren't around, but we peeked in their store.

The Jersey Shore was done taping, but we hung out at their pad.

And then we headed to the airport where I was publicly groped by a strange lady and Jason got in trouble for taking a picture of it.  I felt so violated.  Then our plane was delayed, then we boarded, then it was broken, then we unboarded, then we waited, then we reboarded and like 3 hours later we finally took off.  I can't complain too much since one of the couples took a different airline and their flight was cancelled and they had to spend then night in Dallas. 

What an amazing trip, seriously.  We had the best time with our friends and it was fun for us wives to see our husbands relax and let loose...Jamaica Joe, el Capitan, vacation Mike and then my own man who I seemed to have fallen even more madly in love with.  Jayden said we are no longer allowed to kiss in front of him and Kylie thinks it's emberassing how we can't keep our hands off eachother.  We have taken cheezy to a whole new level, but we can't help it, something just happened on those islands....  We did miss the kids but they were in good hands with my mom who was sooooo nice to come for the week to watch them.  They had so much fun playing with her and my sister who tagged along too, I can't thank her enough!


Chelsea said...

wow, I had no idea how pretty florida was! or that there were topless beaches! whoa on the airplane groping--yikes, and how odd that jason got in trouble for taking a picture. I've seen plenty of videos (on inside edition ;) of TSA crazies. Congrats on refueling the flame!

Janessa said...

Ha, ha! I love that Jason got a picture of your public groping! What a great way to end a fabulous trip! It cracks me up that your kids are all grossed out by our sappy cheesy lovey dovey stuff. So fun for you and Jason though!

Jodee said...

dult trips are the best! I am so glad you guys got to relax and have fun with friends. And doesn't it make you a better mom when you get home? Totally need those trips ;)

Michelle Y. said...

I remember being groseed out by my parents but I secretly admired it :) Now that I'm married I love how my parents were. I can't believe Ryder is so big! Tallen was 18 pounds 3 ounces and in the 3perecntile at his 12 month check up. My boy needs chunking up but he won't stop moving :)