Friday, March 30, 2012

Anything to get him off the couch

'Cause I love seeing his cute buns in that baseball uniform and because he said when he grows up he wants to live at home and play the wii all day, and it just so happens I'm beginning to believe him.  Yep, that's why we love sports.


Chelsea said...

nothing cuter than those baseball uniforms! too bad my kids won't allow me the pleasure!

Janessa said...

Super cute! He's getting so tall and skinny. It's a good thing you are so faithful about your blog or I may nothave recoginze him by the time I see him this summer. You guys are good to have your kids involved in so many fun things. What a great opportunity for him to try different things out and find out what his "thing" is. Well, in addition to the wii:)

Jodee said...

I am with ya on the baseball bums! Bex just started tball this year and I am dying to go buy him some baseball pants even though his uniform doesn't require them.