Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Because apparently a vacation isn't enough

After a whole week of fun I was fully prepared to guiltlessly stick the kids in front of the tv while I carried out all the necessary evils of recovering from a trip.  But five minutes after waking up they were demanding to know what fun things I had planned for them that day.  So I put them to work.  And then we spent the last week of break swimming, snowboarding,


friend playing,

 fort building (best $10 gift EVER),

running (trying to embrace the fact that my baby will be TEN next month and enjoying more big girl time together),

and read-a-thoning (I realized Kylie was nowhere near her AR goal so the last day we had a spontaneous read-a-thon which was much more warmly embraced than I had anticipated.  We put up the tent, the weather was beautiful, they had my undivided attention and we had lots of good food to nibble on, so what was not to love?).  I'd say it was a rather fun and exhausting break, thus meaning I am completely justified in eating the 6 no bake cookies I just inhaled.


Chelsea said...

Fun! I'm impressed with the tent set up...and it was so beautiful out last week! best weather ever.

Janessa said...

Do your kids even know how lucky they are?! I don't think I did that much with my kids during spring break, minus the big trip! You guys are da bomb! I'm glad the read-a-thon was such a big sucess. You're great to get the tent out even. Looks like lots of fun! I love that your wal-marting even made the blog post - and with a picture! You are amazing!!! Go eat another cookie or two. You totally deserve it:)

Jodee said...

I love a good read a thon. But I think I would have used it as a nap a thon for myself ;)
I love the tent idea!