Wednesday, March 07, 2012

9 months

Nine months in, nine months out but the last nine months have definately been much more enjoyable ("better out than in, I always say").  We left for a week and came back to his first 2 teeth coming in (and now Maddox thinks he looks like Spongebob) and a few more hairs sprouting on his bald little head.  He's growing at a steady rate: 23 lbs (95%), 30 inches (95%) and I'm here to confirm that fat babies make the happiest babies.  Still no stranger anxiety, is quick to smile at anyone who looks his way and will lay in his bed talking and playing for a half hour or more while I try to squeeze in a few extra Zzzz's.  His walker has given him a new found freedom, he puts that thing in reverse and can shimmy his way through any tight space.  He is a little slow on the crawling, but all my kids are that way.  He's got this worm manuever figured out where he goes on all fours then lurches himself forward.  Between that and rolling, he can pretty much get anywhere he wants to.  He loves peaches, applesauce, veggie straws and oreos (it's my 4th, what can I say).  He cracks up when Maddox yells in his face and when Kylie pops him on his cheek, go figure.  He thinks the bath is pretty much the greatest part of his day.  He loves newspapers, magazines and Kylie's chunky necklaces.  To date, he has broken 5.  He hates the car (which we discovered on our 6 hr Cali road trip), but loves the baby bjorn, although I'm pretty sure he exceeds the weight limit, atleast my back seems to think so.  He's a single half Asian male seeking friendships who loves Baby Einstein, swings, dirt, karaoke and long walks on the beach. He has managed to nuzzle his way into the center of all our hearts.  His squeal, toothy grin, dimpled fingers and fresh bath scent are intoxicating.  Yes indeed, this little pip squeak rocks my world. 


Chelsea said...

he is SO beautiful!

Janessa said...

Nine months!!!! Wow! That baby of yours is just too cute and so big! I think he may weigh more then Cannon. I have his one year appointment in a few weeks and we'll see:) I love that first picture of his toothy grin. Looks like he's got the one armed push up down too. I can't wait to love on that boy in just a few more months!

Jodee said...

He is adorable! And hey, he likes veggie straws, that counts as a vegetable right ;)