Tuesday, May 03, 2011


It's happening.  She can out shop me (5 1/2 hrs non stop is her record), out eat me and out cry me. She's beginning to form strong opinions about such important things like clothes, hairstyles, room decorations (somehow HE managed to get himself plastered on her wall) and the intense need for aviator sunglasses.

I can no longer pick her clothes (and to think I used to pride myself on being somewhat of a style conscious mom) If it's not skin tight, sparkly, from Justice or has a peace sign or Justin Bieber reference then forget about it. For all of my momhood I have had a standing rule: no characters on clothes. Period. I have stayed strong and ignored the tears over Disney Princess dresses, Thomas t-shirts and Spiderman hoodies (although I almost caved over the Lightning McQueen light up shoes). In a goodwill gesture I've agreed to character pajamas and underwear, but that's it. But after 9 years I cracked and somehow Kylie convinced me to let her get a Justin Bieber t-shirt (maybe it's because after we saw his movie I developed a slight crush on him too, which is not the least bit creepy). I made her use her own money though, I washed my hands of the act. For the first time I have emberassed her. She was not shy about informing me about how emberassing it is when I talk on the phone because my voice goes an octave (or two, or three...) higher than usual.  She gave me strict instructions that I could not emberass her and talk in that voice when her friends came over for her party. I tried to keep my vocal chords in check but when I said "that's my kind of girl" after her friend asked for a second scoop of ice cream, she looked at me mortified and said, "really mom, 'that's my kind of girl'??".  I guess I am no longer the cool mom that I thought I was. This is the beginning of the end. And she is only 9. Although 9 freaks me out because that means she is halfway through her childhood. In another 9 short years she will be leaving the nest and I can not even begin to think about that, so I won't. This past year she's done some growing up that I'm not quite ready for, but there are so many things that I am fully embracing right now.  I love the great relationship and friendship that we have developed over the past year.  We've had some meaningful girl talks and memorable girl's night outs.  She is growing up into such a strong and confident girl.  Her testimony has really grown this past year, she is such an example to me the way that she reads her scriptures each night, the way she wants to always dress modestly and the way she tries her best to be dilligent on fast Sundays. She is an amazing girl and what a priviledge it is for me to be her mom. Besides, without her I wouldn't have an excuse to listen to Justin Bieber and I wouldn't have anyone to watch the Royal wedding with.  Now on to the partying...she really wanted to take some friends on the lake for her party.

 I stayed home with Jayden and Maddox while Jason took another dad to help. The moms were nervous to let them go, and I was nervous because they were nervous and I was finally able to breath a sigh of relief when they pulled up all safe and sound with huge smiles on their faces.  They are such cute girls and all had such a fun time.  They came back for pizza and cake then I told them they could stay longer and swim and hang out.  I didn't know "longer" would turn into a 9hr party and by the time the last one left at 7pm I rewarded myself with a huge slice of watermelon and a hot bath.  Jason rewarded himself with 5 hours of yard work, bless his hardworking little heart.

 On her actual birthday she requested crepes in bed then I surprised her and checked her out of school for a lunch date. 
Maddox and I went back to take donuts to her class,

then that night we had a pizza and movie party.  She requested cheesecake since she decided that she no longer likes birthday cake and Maddox was more than eager to help me make it.  A little raw egg is good for the system every now and then, right?

we also watched the kids shake their little booties to Just Dance.  It was fun celebrating the birth of our "only lonely daughter" (her words, not mine), we love you Kylie, happy birthday!!

As a P.S....Kylie wouldn't let me forget the birthday interview, so here it is: (notice a Justin Bieber theme?)

   -color: purple
   -food: steak
   -outfit: bright green tank top with the white sweater over it and shorts, "ya know, just a classic look"
   -thing to do afterschool: dance and listen to music with friends
   -book: "Justin Bieber: Oh Baby" and "Justin Bieber: His World"
   -TV show: Good Luck Charlie
   -movie: Justin Bieber "Never Say Never"
   -song: besides every Justin Bieber song, "Fireworks" by Katy Perry
   -things you did when you were 8: being in 3rd grade, going to New York, becoming friends with Alexa and Kaia, getting baptized and having my birthday party.
   -store: Justice
   -Bff's: Marlee, Mia, Kaia and Alexa
   -what you want to be when you grow up: pop star, mom or teacher
   -goals for this next year: go to a Justin Bieber concert


Tyson and Dawn Jolley said...

Cute! Looks like she had a blast! Happy Birthday to Kylie...we love you too!

Diana said...

Oh dear, you've given me plenty of food for thought as I wait the next few weeks for a baby girl. Boys are just so different. But it sure looks like a lot of fun!

They look like they have some good moves in the last picture! :)

Janessa said...

Oh, how I love that girl (even if I don't call her on her birthday - terrible!!!) I love that first picture. She is getting so big and just as beautiful as ever. It sounds like she had a perfect birthday. Jason was very brave to take all those girls out on the lake. And he even got some good pictures too! I know I've said it before, but I'm going to say it again - I love the way you write. I was totally cracking up at how "uncool" you are. It's just a good thing you are her mom and not me. She would be completely mortified if I was her mom. That picture of Maddox licking the bowl and then with his cake batter hair is too cute! I'm guessing he got dunked right in the tub after that. Your kids have got some serious dance moves. You can tell they are getting it on in that last picture! I wish I could watch them in person.

Jodee said...

I'm just gonna go ahead and say it-- I did not like this post! Because Madison is right behind her and so far, she hasn't figured out that I am totally NOT cool!
Love the dance pics, they are way into it.
And can I come down for my next birthday party, I want to go out on the lake and hang out at your pad for 9 hours! FUN! You deserved that bath!

Michelle Y. said...

Oh my, I am super jealous of you for having a daughter and super scared for you:) I so remember being JUST like that at that age. Girls really are SO different from boys. Kylie is such a sweet girl, Happy Birthday!

Chelsea said...

I caved when Brayden was not even two on a pair of Blue's Clues shoes that he squealed over. I'm amazed you held strong all these years! It doesn't hurt that the biebs is totally cute. And, tell Kylie, aviators are my personal fave as well. :)