Monday, May 16, 2011

Mountain men

Jayden is not a man of many words, these are the important facts he told me over the phone on the way home from the fathers and sons camping trip:

1. He went on the zipline.
2. "you will be so happy with us, we went on a hike and it was a beautiful view and we remembered to take a picture"
3. Somebody was kidnapped

WHAT?!  Apparently on the way up there was an Amber Alert somewhere in Phoenix and when Jason explained to him what that meant he was so distraught about it and had a hard time sleeping that night. That's the first thing he told Kylie when he walked in the door and then they both bombarded me with questions about why people kidnap kids.  Such a hard question to answer, I sugar coated it and said that usually it was just custody stuff, how could I tell them the reality of why people abduct little kids?  Such a sick, sad, scary world. After that I told Jason he was banned from listening to the news with the kids (or me) in the car because not only does talk radio do very little for any man's sex appeal, but the news can be scary.  That is why Inside Edition is my only news source. Atleast it didn't seem to ruin the entire weekend, they had such a great time and when I asked Jayden what his favorite part was, without hesitation he said, "all of it!" Good answer.

Is it normal for hammocks to be only 2 inches from the ground?  I would hate to see a big guy in there.

Kylie and I had a fun girls night (with Maddox as an honorary girl) while they were away.  We, along with about 20 other moms and daughters got together at our friends house for food, Just Dance, games, the Justin Bieber movie and lots and lots of screaming.  I'm pretty sure Nicole was having party planning remorse after seeing the soda spilt on her carpet and chocolate smeared on her couch.  It was a fun night and hopefully she (and her house) eventually recover! And just for the record, I won musical chairs. Nobody dared push a pregnant lady.


Janessa said...

Fun, fun, fun! I love Jayden's summary of the weekend. I'm glad the kidnapping didn't involve someone at the campout. That's what I thought when I first read it. It is hard to answer kids questions about things like that. I like the custody answer. That zip line looks like a lot of fun. Way to go Jayden! The hammock pictures crack me up! It is a good thing he's just a little guy. I'm just wondering, in several pictures Jayden has on his great big coat and eveyone else is in jackets or long sleeved t-shirts. Is he usually extra cold like that? He looks so cute though! Sounds like you ladies had a rockin' party. I'm sure you're glad it wasn't at your house though:) We watched the Justin Bieber movie too! Dylan was such a good sport:) Wish we all could have partied together!

Tyson and Dawn Jolley said...

I can't believe it was fathers and sons again already...I remember your other post last year about this! My how time flies...but nonetheless, I like the updates and cute pictures. My favorite is Jayden on the zipline, he is too cute!

Chelsea said...

lol as usual. love the sex appeal comment. wonder if jer feels the same way about me listening to it.

Jodee said...

Oh man, I love #2, thats the best. And I am glad the kidnapping wasn't one of the campers there... so scary. I think I have scarred my kids for life by telling them that if anyone ever tries to take them they should yell really loud and run away. I'm such a good mom. I hate those talks.
Jayden is adorable and they really did do a good job taking those pictures. Love the father sons camping trip, I can't wait!