Friday, May 06, 2011

GiGi's Day

Jayden has been waiting since the first day of school to be picked as Star Student and FINALLY his name was the second to last one to be picked.  He was so excited for me to come in when he shared his poster, I felt so bad that I was late but he didn't really care because I brought McDonald's for him for lunch and those cheap plastic toys are all he really cared about anyways.

A couple of hours later I got to go back to his class for Muffins with Mom.  I love this.  They sing the cutest songs and make us the cutest crafts and he is so proud to have me there.

Then that night was Jayden's turn for a Mommy date.  Several months ago we started making mommy and daddy dates a regular thing and it has been so fun having that special time with each one.  We switch off so one month I take Kylie and Jason takes Jayden then the next month I take Jayden and he takes Kylie.  So far Kylie and I have had our own version of a drive-in movie where we got loaded up with junk food, blankets, pillows, a portable DVD player then watched a movie in the back of the car.  This one was tricky because I had no idea where to go to watch it.  I was too creeped out to go in the middle of nowhere, but I was worried it might look a little odd if we did it in a public place.  We settled on a remote area of a public parking lot and had the best time.  We've also done lots and lots of shopping.  Jason played tennis with Kylie, went to a Daddy Daughter night at the church, took Kylie to decorate a cake for Mother's Day at Basha's and every date night has to include Bahama Bucks.  Jason and Jayden have been to the dollar movies, Chuck E Cheese and Peter Piper's.  Jayden and I went lego shopping, out for ice-cream and then our big night tonight.  I love Chick fil A. I've never heard so many "Yes ma'am's" and "my pleasure's" at any other restraunt, let alone fast food. They advertised a Mother and Son date night and thought it would be fun.  They had the tables set up fancy, crafts, massages for the moms and even a horse drawn carriage ride around the parking lot. Jason remarked, "how emberassing for you...", but remember, I do cheesy and I do it well.  Afterwards we walked around the outdoor mall, read lego books at Barnes and Noble, he asked for every toy at the Disney Store and bought him sunglasses at Children's Place.  It was the perfect evening with my little man.  I feel guilty that so often he falls into the middle child rut and doesn't get all the attention he deserves.  He has talked about this day all week long and was the sweetest little gentleman the entire night, holding my hand, hugging and kissing me and telling me more than a dozen times that he loved me and I was the best mom in the world.  I never get tired of hearing that (and it makes up for the other day when he eyed my belly as I was heading to the gym and said, "aren't you waaaay to big to be going to the gym??).  I sure love my Jayden and loved every minute I had with him tonight.


Janessa said...

L.O.V.E. that boy!!! You're such a wonderful mom to make such a special day for him. I'm sure it will be saved in his childhood memories of his mom. That's quite the extravagant Chick-fil-a shin dig. I'll have to see if ours ever does anything like that. I'm loving the Cinderella carriage ride. Jason's comment made me laugh. Ricky totally would have said the same thing. That's why they don't do carriage rides for the dads, just the moms:)

Chelsea said...

awe. so dang cute. "i do cheesy and i do it well" I only wish kosty would want to go on a date with me. He WILL NOT!!! :(

Jodee said...

Chick fil a rocks! What a fun day for mr. gigi. All those daddy and mommy dates sound so fun.