Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Some dirty fun

We decided that we needed to be a camping family. So Jason risked his life to buy a tent trailer when he followed a stranger he met on Craigslist down a deserted dirt road in the middle of the night. It all ended well, but after spending too many days and too much money fixing it up (it was a little older and more run down than we had thought) and getting ready for our campout we're starting to reconsider if we're a camping family after all. But we did have a lot of fun camping with friends over Labor Day weekend,

so after I've recovered from washing all the laundry and scrubbing down the trailer we'll see if we decide to become an official camping family or not. There is so much I do love about camping. I love seeing my kids get so dirty, seriously it makes me happy. I love that I sat on my designated camp chair 90% of the weekend, getting up only to occasionally feed my kids and take pictures of them so that maybe they won't remember that all I did was sit on my hiney. Kylie spent the weekend making up dances with Makayla,

 trying to beat the boys in a marshmallow burning contest,

trying her skills at the BB gun,

making memory bracelets (the idea was on familyfun.com, it's just duck tape and they loved finding treasures to take home)

and just hanging out with her friends.

Jayden felt like a celebrity when he caught this horny toad,

 he thought he was pretty important when he helped the big boys collect firewood,

he was on cloud nine when he got to shoot a real BB gun,

 he didn't want to leave the river

 and like his mom he loved chilling by the fire (and insisted on a fire in the 96 degree weather).

Maddox was his usual cute little self

was fascinated by the fire,

put plenty of miles on his little truck

(I really think I could make an entire scrapbook of his cute little bum),
managed to cover every inch of his body with dirt

and thank goodness the trailer pulled through with the shower.

He wooed "Beba" (Ava).

 After smashing his face on the screen and calling her name didn't work

he then took her by the hand and led her into the trailer. Oh dear.

He managed to squeeze his chubby little cheeks into this helmet and loved the quads until he cried to take the helmet off (real men wear pink, by the way).

And Jason tried to hold his own with the bow and arrow, blow dart gun and target practice along with rocking those nice calves that I love.

It was so nice to get away from all the distractions and let my kids experience some good old fashioned outdoor fun. Maybe we'll just have to do it again. in a year. if we don't sell the trailer first.


Tyson and Dawn Jolley said...

This looks like so much fun! I love your camera and your serious picture taking skills...these are amazing! And I agree, little Maddox is the most adorable kid on the planet.

Jodee said...

Oh camping, the ever lasting guilt trip ensues each summer ! I have the fondest memories of camping as a kid but can't seem to get so excited about it these days. I feel so guilty not letting my kids have those same memories so I suck it up and go, usually ending up in a great time. and Jayden looks like he just belongs in the outdoors, such a happy boy there! Great pics once again!

Scott and Nicole said...

I enjoyed our trip up north. Lets do it again. You will find you will use the trailer more than once or twice a year.I too, have lots of memories as a family camping and I want my kids to experience nature and work(making fires, finding wood, making up activites to do) while on our outings.....

Janessa said...

What a fun camping trip! Glad the trailer came through for you:) I wish we lived close enough to go camping with you guys. That would be so much fun! You got so many adorable pictures! As I was looking through them I kept thinking, "This is my favorite!", "No wait, this is!", "Never mind, it's totally this one!" They all win! With such adorable kids, how could you not have cute pictures? Plus your mad photography skills are unstopable!

Chelsea said...

Ah, good times. You got some awesome pics. Maddox looks like a baby gap model, you could totally get rich off of him, and totally become the quad/lake/boat/camping family you've always wanted! ;)

Suni said...

Camping cleanup is a LOT of work, but what fun memories!! Cute pictures!!

Andi said...

Where did you camp to get the 96 degree weather? It's so nice to camp next to a stream. You must have reserved a nice group site.

nicole said...

It looks like you guys had so much fun. My favorite picture is the one with Maddox's chubby cheeks squeezed into the helmet.

Amber! said...

Love the scrapbook of the bum idea. It'd go over well when he is 14.
I'm glad you guys had fun! Hope to see you camping next year up here in Heber....... are you coming?