Sunday, September 05, 2010

Livin the high life
I could get used to this. Staying in oversized suites at ritzy resorts tucked away in the desert mountains, ordering an emberassing amount of food at every meal, and spending all day in the sun. Another thankyou goes out to PWC for sponsoring our annual Tucson getaway. Top 10 highlights of the trip: 1) devouring 2 overflowing bowls of the complimentary hotel candy in record time (I would like to blame this entirely on the kids, but unfortunately I can't).
2) Spending a lazy morning eating breakfast on the balcony,

 3) Jayden getting so excited because he thought I had brought popsicles (yes one is open, and yes he was very disappointed)

4) Maddox. nerdy never looked this cute.

5) taking advantage of the lack of safety rules and going down the slide every imaginable way.

6) loving that we had the entire resort virtually to ourselves

7) Jason taking the kids on a critter hunt and finding a 6 inch millipeed and scorpions, but disappointed that they didn't find a tarantula like Jason had seen the week before 8) staying up late to watch movies while snuggled up in bed (well the kids stayed up, we were knocked out before the opening credits were done) 9) Cracking up at the kids going crazy at the splash pad

10) Loving an excuse to skip school and enjoy a lazy day with the little monkeys (too bad Jason had to actually work and couldn't slack off with us)


Scott and Nicole said...

Those are great pics, looks like alot of fun. I cant wait til we can get in on some perks from Scotts work. We deserve it with all the travel these boys do....

Chelsea said...

look at you! professional photog!! the pics are awesome. So are the popsicles, seriously?! did he think they would stay frozen in there? too funny. I would say this is a MAJOR perk, so jason, never leave that bless-ed PWC.

nicole said...

Poor Jayden. Hopefully he didn't test the popcicle idea by putting anything in his mouth. Looks like you guys had so much fun :)

Jodee said...

loving this post. I can just see the look on the kids face when he opened his "popsicle". Sounds like another great stay at the resort. Take us with you next year, I'll bring the popcicles!

Janessa said...

I'm so jealous of your free vacations! That'll be sad when Jason finishes that account. Glad you were able to fit another family trip in before that happens. Again, you got so many great pictures totally capturing the moment. Fun, fun, fun!