Sunday, June 27, 2010

My little Munchkin

Kylie was so excited when she was cast as a munchkin in the community theater's Wizard of Oz performance and she has been working so hard these last couple of months to get ready for the big night. All the crazy carpools and 4 hour practices paid off when we got to see her perform in her first play. Of course we thought she was the cutest one there and it was another proud parent moment for the books. The evening was perfect until we went to pick her up and mentioned to the director that she would miss the last performance because we were leaving out of town. Considering she is only one out of 60 munchkins and her part lasts 12 minutes out of the 3 hour play, we didn't think it would be that big of a deal. Apparently that was not the case and she went psycho on us, yelling, crying and freaking out because she wouldn't be there and her partner wouldn't have anyone to dance with. I was speechless, Jason was not, which may have added fuel to the fire and ended with her saying that Kylie may not ever be able to try out for a play again. I was so upset that she was punishing Kylie when it was clearly not her fault. I was so upset that she was ruining Kylie's big night. I was so upset that Kylie was so upset about it and instead of going home to celebrate she went home in tears. She really wants to do more plays so we'll see if things die down in a year or so and maybe we'll give it another try. Enough of that, it's making me mad just thinking about it. I just need to think about how cute she was and how much fun she had doing her first, and possibly last play. errrrggh.


We also had some fun guests this weekend when my brother Tyson and his wife Dawn came down to check out a dental school here. My kids love having visitors, Kylie becomes their shadow, Jayden jumps all over them and Maddox is his typical cute Maddox. Tyson was gone most of the time so lucky Dawn got to hang out with us at the pool, doing crafts (all. afternoon. long. poor girl.), going on a girl's shopping trip, then doing some swimming and bbq-ing with the boys. They were so nice to watch Maddox while we went to Kylie's play and hopefully things will work out with the school so that they can be our neighbor one day!


Janessa said...

You are on top of things to have a new post up all ready! I'm so glad though! I'm needing a Young fix because I'm missing you guys like crazy too!!! I'll call you in a little while and we can catch up since it's been almost 48 hours since I've seen you.

Anyway, Kylie is so stinkin cute in her munchkin costume! Definitely the cutest one there:) I wish we could have seen the play in person. I'm glad you posted a video clip though. Thank heavens for the blog:) I can't believe how upset the director got over Kylie missing the last performance. I'm so sorry. Kylie has some theaterical talent. I sure hope they let her perform again next year. Glad you guys had fun with Tyson and Dawn too. It's always fun to have family visit! Love you and miss you tons!!!

Suni said...

Kylie looks so cute!! I can't believe her teacher would act like that....crazy!

Jodee said...

That was so cute! Go Kylie! She'll just have to stick it to the director when she makes it big on Broadway someday!