Wednesday, June 09, 2010

ABC's of Summer

Living in this heat forces you to be creative when it comes to entertaining your kids during the summer. Going anywhere with all 3 kids (especially Maddox) is always an adventure, and not necessarily a good one, so I spent weeks researching ideas of ways to keep my kids entertained. I liked this idea and kind of went with it and decided to do a different letter each week with lots of activities starting with that letter. So far the kids have loved it and hopefully I don't get burned out before summer is over.
This week..........S

Scavenger hunt

Silly putty

(a favorite, we've made it several times since--1/4 C Elmer's glue, 1/8 C "Sta Flo" liquid starch, food coloring)

Stories under the Stars with SmoresShaving cream art

a volcano
the great wall of China a rejuvinating skin treatment

Stick creations (hot glue worked much better than Elmer's)

Science experiments (the library has tons of great books for kid friendly experiments, here they are testing out different parachutes they made)


Scott and Nicole said...

Wow, you are a great mom, look at all the memories. Too cute....

Janessa said...

We have got to try the silly putty. It looks like you're having lots of summer fun! Can't wait to see more of the activities you do! Thanks again for letting me steal all your ideas:)