Sunday, June 06, 2010

Kindergarten graduation

After 2 years of preschool, a year of kindergarten and another year of kindergarten coming up, I feel like Jayden is going to be 10 before he finally reaches first grade. Regardless of the fact that he'll be repeating kindergarten, his graduation was still a centimental moment. He worked so hard to sing his little songs and looked like such a handsome little man when he accepted his diploma. (and Maddox was pretty much naughty the whole time, running through the mud, playing in the rocks and doing anything but sitting). Jayden complained every day about having to go to school and especially about having to take the long, hot bus ride home, but he got so emotional when it came time to say good-bye to his teacher. He got teary eyed but kept it in until we got to the car then the waterworks came in full force. I may be a bad mom for snapping this picture, but it was so sweet and touching to see how emotional he was and I wanted to capture the moment. (and I had to include this cheezer picture Jayden took of Maddox later on). His teacher, Mrs. Lane was amazing and we are both going to miss her! At one of his parent/teacher conferences she remarked, "he sure is a competitive little fellow, isn't he?". Yes he is. He worked his little heart out to memorize all 75 phonograms only because he wanted to win the "slap the phonogram" game. He got 100% on every single spelling test because he doesn't settle for anything but the best. Give that boy a challenge or a bribe and nothing will stop him. That's my Jayden. I'm going to miss having him around for half day, he is such a funny little guy. He has the funniest little one-liners that just crack me up. A few that come to mind are "that's the life", "Yeah sweet baby" and "That's my beauty". The thing that he is most excited about in going to all day kindergarten is that he'll get 3 recesses. That's my Jayden.


Janessa said...

Oh the cuteness! That boy is just melting my heart! He looks so grown up and handsome with his tie on. His little emotional breakdown is so sad. I'm sure he'll thank you later for the picture though:) I just can not wait to spend some time with him this summer and get to know him better and hear his one liners in person. I love his competitive drive. It's so great that he's using it in such a positive way and accomplishing so much. We sure do love you Jayden!

Amber! said...

Oh that picture of the sad tears!! OH!!!