Thursday, June 10, 2010


Yeah, it stinks having Jason travel so much but there are some great perks too. He earned a companion pass where I get to fly for free wherever he goes for a whole year so we decided why not take off to New York? It's our 11 year anniversary this month and my 30th b-day is in August so it was the perfect excuse. Two of my sisters, Jennifer and Julene were soooo nice to come and watch the kids for almost a week. My kids had such a blast with them. I think they might like them more than me. That's okay. Jayden woke up puking all morning the day before we were supposed to leave, I was a nervous wreck until around noon when he hopped off the couch, announced he was better, asked for an otterpop and headed out to play the rest of the day. That was that. Jason was feeling yucky on the looooong plane ride to Rhode Island and I was nervous again, but he seemed to be fine the next day and we headed off to Boston. Such an amazing city with so much history. We started out with the Duck tours that so many people had recommended. It's these vehicles that drive through the streets and then convert into boats and cruise down the Charles River. Our tour guide was HILARIOUS and it was cool seeing so many historical sites like the Old North church where Paul Revere warned that the British were coming ("one if by land, two if by sea"), historical houses and gravesites, Boston Commons where they would hold public executions and other sites from those early colonial times that you learn about in school. So cool. Of course we (meaning Jason) couldn't go to Boston without a tour of the oldest baseball stadium in history, Fenway park. Afterwards we walked the streets and explored the North End and had a hard time choosing between all the amazing Italian restraunts. We settled on "la Trattoria II Panino" and I am still craving that mozzarella that was oozing out of my calzone. We definately had some calories to walk off after that so we roamed around looking at all the shops and it was so cool to walk on the same streets with the same cobblestone that George Washington walked on. Then we had to replace those lost calories with canolis from "Mike's Pastries". It took us two days to finally finish them. yum. The next day we decided to stop by Salem, Massachusetts and get caught up on our Salem Witch trial history. The museum was kind of lame but the town itself was pretty cool. I would love to go back there at Halloween. Then we headed to Harvard, which was beautiful. We didn't have alot of time so I was glad to get some great recommendations from my friend Brittany, like "Bartley's Burgers" which we loved. After a quick stroll through Harvard Square we headed to the Amtrak station and on our way to NYC. The 3 1/2 hr train ride was surprisingly alot of fun. I loved seeing the countryside and fell in love with the sprawling ocean front estates in Connecticut. It's my someday. We watched a chick flick and laughed so hard at a youtube clip (I need to find the link from Jason and post it) that I thought they were going to kick us out of our coffee and back sweat stained seats. Good times, good times.


Jodee said...

Fun times! i cant wait to hear all about ny too! I love the abc summer, you are such a good mom! my kids are already bored with summer, i guess the fun of staying home with their new baby sister all day wears off quick! and i love the pic of jayden after graduation, so sweet. Madison does the same thing every year!

Janessa said...

Man, you guys packed so much into your trip! I know I've said this many times before, but I'm going to say it again - you guys are such a cute couple! I love that you take time to just hang out and chill together and be best friends. So fun!

Andi said...

I feel bad about Jason being sick. Remember Knott's Berry Farm? I'm so glad you two did an anniversary trip two years in a row!