Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Dads gone wild

All work and no play makes Jay a dull boy. So it's a good thing all the boys decided to meet up for a wakeboarding trip in Vegas. After five long weeks (for both of us!) of working in Vegas, Jason was excited to spend the weekend playing with the guys. Apparently the testosterone was flying and ended with Dave chipping his tooth and getting the worst bruise ever (sorry Candace, Jason insisted that I see the picture of his bruised hiney--yowza!). That's pretty much all I know that went down that weekend, the rest I guess stays on the boat.


Janessa said...

Not knowing what went on behind the scenes, it's hard to say if the moms or dads get the most wild award. I'm kind of thinking moms. I just don't see the dads making out with stuffed bears. Who knows though...The bruiesd butt could have an interesting story BEHIND it (ha, ha, that's punny). I'm loving that first studly picture of Jay.

Jodee said...

At least the picture didn't get posted on here, they should be glad for that right?