Sunday, August 02, 2009

Bring your kids to work

Jayden was finally old enough to go to the annual "bring your kids to work" day. He has been looking forward to it for the past year and all the waiting was worth it (although you wouldn't think so by looking at his face in the picture). Kylie is an old pro by now and was excited to go again, especially since she got to miss school. They still think Jason has the greatest job ever, too bad every day for him isn't filled with pizza and crafts. Jason's been traveling and working late nights alot lately so they were especially excited to spend all day with him. Earlier Jayden told me that he didn't want to be a dad because then he would never play with the kids. Sad. I explained to him how he is nice to work hard for us so that we could have money to buy food and pay for our house. After thinking for a minute he replied, "is that why Jesus has to live in clouds because he doesn't have a job to buy a house?" Ha! Atleast they were able to spend a fun day with him and even go to the museum afterwards.


Janessa said...

Jayden's face in that first picture is too funny and I love his comment about Jesus living in the clouds. That boy is such a crack up! I wish Ricky had a take your kids to work day. How fun for your kiddos! What's up with the cockroach petting zoo?

Jodee said...

I love this! Ronnie has never worked somewhere that does this! I shall implement it NOW!