Friday, August 07, 2009

Birthday Interview

What is your favorite toy? Star Wars wii
What is your favorite food? Ramen Noodles
What is your favorite game? Little Einstein Bingo
What was your favorite part about being four? Going to Aunt Angel's house
What is your favorite part about being five? Going to kindergarten
What do you want to be when you grow up? astronaut and airplane pilot
What is your favorite thing to do with the family? play Star Wars will
Where is your favorite place to go? everyplace but stores. I like the kids museum.
If you could have any wish, what would it be? to go inside the Star Wars wii game. Or get another Star Wars wii game.


Chelsea said...

but does he like the star wars wii game?

Suni said...

adorable, I love reading these!

Julie and Matt said...

How cute!! What a great idea to have a b-day interview. I'm thinking he's really into star wars and the wii!

Janessa said...

I LOVE that picture! When I think of Jayden I think SMILE. He is such a cute and happy boy! I always love reading through the birthday interviews. Love the Star Wars Wii obsession.

Jodee said...

Happy birthday Jayden, you are SO adorable!