Saturday, May 02, 2009

Seventh Heaven

My sweet little girl is still sweet, but not so little anymore now that she's seven! I decorated her room the night before since I had an early morning YW hike the morning of her birthday. By early, I mean 3:45am early. I stopped by on my way home and grabbed some donuts and wasn't surprised to come home at 7:00 and she had already been up for about an hour. It's a good thing I didn't come empty handed. She insisted on opening presents first thing (notice all the recycled Christmas gift bags? The ones without even one sheet of tissue paper? Yeah, that's what happens when you find out the night before that the kids have a scotch tape addiction and your re-gifting bag stash is depleted). I was so happy when she told me that she wanted one of those dolls that swims in the water for her birthday. After all this Hannah Montana/High School Musical/Jonas Brothers hype, I was so glad to see that she still loves playing with dolls (although you can't call her a doll in front of Kylie. Yes, she is now another member of the family along with Reyna and I am the proud parent of 5 children). She also got a snowboard, or more like Jason got a snowboard. I think he was more excited about it than she was, especially since she can't use it for like 7 months. Jason then took her out for a little daddy lunch date then we had a party that night. We decided to do friend parties every other year and on the off years go for a family outing and invite a friend or two. This was an off year, but somehow it turned into more of a friend party. She had tons of fun going to see the "Hannah Montana" movie with 3 of her friends then coming back for pizza, cake and ice-cream. One of the perks about being a mom is that now it's my turn to emberass my kids. As we were driving around we had the windows down with the radio blasting and they were all singing and dancing, then when we would get to a stop light or see somebody walking in the parking lot we would yell out, "it's her birthday!" and point to Kylie. They all thought I was so emberassing, but hey, that's what moms are for. Happy birthday, Kylie, we love you!!!!

Another reason why we love their baby-sitter. She made this adorable cake for Kylie and we were both thrilled because heaven knows I can't decorate a cake.
Jayden thought he looked "rockin" in this outfit, so he wanted a picture with Kylie and her b-day outfit.


Marisa said...

I was laughing so hard at the Christmas bags--I'm glad I'm not the only one!!!

i cannot believe she is 7!!! How wild! I also love that you were totally embarassing her. You're such a fun mom.

Oh, and can I have your babysitter?????

Amber! said...

She is so beautiful. And I am also glad she asked for another child. She's going to make sure you double your family size within the next year!

Janessa said...

Happy birthday, Kylie!!! Looks like a fun birthday. We sure do love you!!!

I can't believe how grown up she is. She looks like a little teenager. I love that she still wanted a doll. How is Reyna handling the new comer? Any jelousy issues? Love the snowboard! I can't wait to see some action shots this winter. Is this the heaven sent babysitter? That is such a cute cake. I can't believe she made that for Kylie. I am praying that we can find a babysitter like that. I love Jayden't rockin' outfit and that little Maddox it too cute. He's sitting up so good!

Chelsea said...

YAY! another sibling! I'm quite sure she did NOT care about the Christmas wrapping! Happy Birthday Kylie! I still remember you and Brayden crying your eyes out together in Nursery! So very looong ago. :)

marcee said...

K- I laughed OUT LOUD @ the Christmas bags with no tissue! We moms really are "creative" aren't we? :)

Jodee said...

Happy Birthday Kylie! Madison says "I hope you had a fun birthday and that you liked your presents."
We love you!

Julie and Matt said...

Mia had a blast. I love the picture of Maddox in the balloons!