Sunday, May 10, 2009

More Wedding Bells

With a family of ten kids it seems like not a month goes by without a wedding, engagement, pregnancy, child birth, graduation or at the very least a birthday. This month we were excited that it was my brother Tyson who was getting married in the Las Vegas temple. I had only met his fiance, Dawn one time before and my parents met her for the first time that weekend. It's a good thing we all loved her :) It was a beautiful wedding and another fun family weekend. The Bachelorette party

We missed Janessa's family, Tyler, Margaret, Jennifer, Dylan, Jessica and Todd who weren't able to make it!
It was like 100 degrees, but I made Maddox wear my favorite sweater because I think he looks like the cutest little man. What can I say, I'm a good mom.
Kylie and her aunt Jayci
My dad did the ring ceremony, it was beautiful (it was really dark, so all my reception pictures turned out crappy)
they had the best first dance with this whole routine including classics from the macarena to the backstreet boys, it was hilarious
their photographer posed this and should have known that no 4 year old wants to be kissed by his sister and aunt, ewwww
they had these little bells on the tables that when you rang them then they had to kiss. You can only imagine the fun Kylie and Jayci had with this one

We all had fun dancing, but Jayden put us all to shame (although Grandma did give him some competition!) That kid was a dancing machine, he started the minute the music started and only took one break. For cake.
So Jayden caught the garter belt and what else is a 4 year old supposed to do with a Fredrick's of Hollywood garter belt........... ?......use it as a totally sweet sweatband, of course. I mean what kind of dancer wants to interrupt their groove to wipe sweat off their forehead???he insisted that the ribbon and sparkly heart had to go in the front
It's hard to believe that it's been 10 years since I was the one wearing the wedding dress they all staked their claim on the bouquet so we finally had to pull it apart and let each girl have a couple of flowers I'm sad I never got a picture with my mom, or the kids with their grandparents, or one of our family. I think I was too busy cracking up at Jayden's dancing to think about taking pictures.Jason's brother was nice to let us use their house like a hotel. We had non stop wedding stuff every day and I felt like we were just using them for a place to sleep. It was nice being able to spend time with them on Sunday morning before we left. Since it was Mother's day, Jason and his brother woke up early to make us breakfast. Jason got off the hook that day and instead of a nice Mother's day dinner I got Taco bell drive thru. Oh well, as long as I didn't have to cook or clean all day then it's all good. Besides, he got me a pressure cooker as a gift and I was excited about it. I am getting so old.


Julie and Matt said...

Fun wedding! I love that Jayden caught the garter belt! I also love the pic of Kylie with her aunt who is about her same age! haven't been on your blog in forever.

Suni said...

Your kids are so cute, I love the garter belt pictures!! We were driving back from California on Mothers Day so I got In n Out for dinner, I still think Mark owes me!! You are so not old, you are the funnest mom!!

Shanen said...

What a nice vacation to get to see so much of your family. Jayden looks adorable and I think it is so fun to see kids personalities come out with music. I bet he had a blast.

The picture with Maddox and your dad is priceless. What a special little guy.

Janessa said...

What a party! Thanks for sharing all the pictures. I'm so bummed we couldn't make it. Now it's almost like I was there. I am in love with that dancin'-machine-garter-head band-wearing Jayden. He is too cute!!! I'm dying to watch him bust a move in person. I'll bet Parker would love to take some lessons from him since he's so insecure with is three year old dance moves. I love the sweater on Maddox! He is the cutest little man! Glad he didn't die of heat stroke:) I love the crowd of little girls that caught the bouquet. Great idea to let them all have a few flowers from it. That picture of you and dad is so cute! Sorry your Mother's day was spent in the car. I'm glad that you at least got a nice breakfast. Jason's grilled steaks (that he just might have made for you if you had been home) don't stand a chance against Taco Bell but, like you said, at least you didn't have to cook it.

Andrea said...

Beautiful Wedding! Fun kids - they are so cute! Jayden is a crack up! What a fun day!

Pays said...

It was so good to see you guys at the Wedding! Looks like we missed some good moves ;) Don't feel too bad. I had Arby's for my Mother's Day dinner.