Monday, November 03, 2008


Yes she can be a little (okay alot) emotional, yes I have a hard time letting her go to school with 5 crazy ponytails in her hair that she has so proudly done herself, yes I also have a hard time keeping my mouth shut when she's so excited to wear the bright fusia eye shadow from her Barbie make-up kit to church, because she says that it makes her look like a princess, and yes she can give me attitude like no other, but there is so much I love about this age. I love her innocence and I wish I could keep it that way forever. In her little six year old world....

-"Stupid" is pretty much the worst swear word ever
-you are only allowed to kiss if you're married (there is an occasional exception if you're engaged)
-the world as she knows it is over if someone sees your underwear
-she has no hesitations to ask the principal, her teacher and her whole class if they're Mormon (I think people are beginning to wonder if we're breeding religious fanatics over here)
-she writes me love notes on a daily basis
-"Spongebob" is the worst show she's ever seen
-it's still cool to have your mom eat lunch with you at school
-wishes on cakes and stars come true, as long as you don't tell anyone your wish
-the safest place in the world is snuggled up between mom and dad when you've had a bad dream
-she makes me little presents, like the most recent ring holder she made for me by taping two sea shells together--love it!
-she thinks babies come from when you say really good prayers
-even the worst owies can still be made better with a hug and a kiss
-she still believes in Santa, although the tooth fairy and Easter Bunny are a little questionable
-she actually thinks it's fun to help me cook and clean
-a big night out consists of happy meals at McDonalds
-she loves having girl talks and telling me everything about her day
-she's in bed by 8 pm
-she wants to marry her dad when she's older, but if he's not available then she'll settle for her brother
-a dirty joke to her means that it has the word "pee" or "potty" somewhere in the punch line
-if you have a $1 bill then you are considered rich
-words like "abduction", "murder", "economic crisis", etc. aren't a part of her vocabulary and her biggest fear in life is going upstairs by herself when it's dark

It makes me sad to think how soon all of these are going to change, but for now I'm enjoying it a day at a time. So the next time she asks me to lay by her in bed to have girl talk, instead of thinking about the dinner dishes that need to be done or the TV show I've been dying to watch, I'll think about how soon the day will come when she will no longer want to talk to me and I'll take advantage of moments like those for as long as they'll last.


nicole said...

jamie - this is so cute I actually got tears in my eyes which is really embarrassing since I don't have pregnancy as an excuse anymore. Enjoy it as much as you can before she turns into a teenager and thinks you ruined her life :)

Chelsea said...

seriously--brayden is still stunned when someone says "stupid" and immediately tells them "we don't say that!" and I am laughing about Spongebob, especially since lately I have been letting that one slide, and I am afraid to admit that I don't really see anything wrong with it, I guess depending on the episode! I thought last year she didn't believe in Santa anymore? thats awesome if her faith has been restored!!

Janessa said...

That was so sweet! You are such a great mom. I LOVE the relationship that you have with Kylie. She really is at such a precious age. Don't you just want to just lock her up so that she'll stay that inocent and pure forever? She's so lucky to have you as a mom. I am constantly taking notes from you on how to have a stronger relationship with my kids. Thanks for being such a great example!

On another note, I hope you don't hate me. I LOVE picassa and made a new header with it. It doesn't really fit the template that I had though so I had to swith to stretch minima. Since you can't use any of the cute backgrounds with that I have to have the background just a solid color. Since an orange background looks horrid, that leaves me with the browns for my fall color options. The point of all this is that my blog looks a heck of a lot like yours now. I know you just changed yours recently. I'm PROMISE I'm not trying to be a copy cat (although I do secretly wish that I could be your clone in every way) I am just very limited with my options with this new header. I spent way too much time on the silly header to just can it so...wanna be my twinner? You can hate me if you want to.

Jessica said...

i wish i could go back in time and see what some of my responses would be...i think i was a more corrupted child than kylie. i am so going to do this with my kids...if i have any??!?? btw...thanks for the header tip. i figured it out!

Ann said...

So true!

Suni said...

So sweet and so true!! I was just telling Mark I wish I could freeze time, I love my girls ages right now. Such a good reminder to not let the little moments pass us by!

Jodee said...

stop it! I am already crying over Madisons most recent transition from princess' and dora to barbies and hannah montana!
I hate growing up! I want to freeze her just the way she is! They are just so much fun at this age! I just hope lists like these continue... just in other ways I guess. Give her hugs from us too!

Vonda said...

Six is great, 8 is naughty:-)

Shanen said...

That was a sweet post Jamie. I somtimes forget to cherish those small things with my kids. Life gets so busy and I am just rushing around. Thanks for the reminder that we don't want to waste these precious years.

Michelle Y. said...

That was a great post! Trevor thinks "stupid" is the worst word ever too. Sometimes we will be out in public and he will say, "Mom, my friend at school said the 'sh word" and I know he doesn't know a swear word and I know he is talking about "shut up" but I am sure adults are thinking of the other "sh word". Oh, and another thing....last week Trevor came home from school and said, "Mom is batch a bad word?" My friend said it is. I really think he meant the "B" bad word but he remembered it wrong. So, that is my first real bad word experience.

Kelmarie said...

This is a really sweet post. I have so much to look forward to! Thanks for being such a great example of what a mom should be.

By the way, how the heck to I post to the recipe blog? I want to, but I'm clueless.... Can you send me another invite or something?

Littles said...

Love the pics, love the neclace and what a cute little girl!

kemptons said...

I would give anything to think the way you do and write things the way you do. You always seem to capture the things that matter most of what your kids say and do. I love reading it.

Amber said...

What a great post to read at this time (a rough mommy day...)
Thanks for the perspective! I love childhood for all these reasons.

The Crazy Wyatt Fam said...

Your family is so sweet! You are such an amazing mom!!

WishTrish said...

Jamie, You are such a great writer! I love that you are rich if you have a billion dollars. I think when I was a kid it was $100. But then there is inflation...