Saturday, November 08, 2008

Playing Hookey

My two week grace period with Maddox is over. I make the same mistake with every kid, I think that they are the perfect baby....and then they hit two weeks and it's all down hill. He doesn't sleep all day anymore, instead he takes 15 min. cat naps because he wakes up the second I lay him down. And when he's awake he definately cries alot more. But atleast he's cute, so he's still got that going for him. Anyways, with Jason working down in Tucson for the week I was a little nervous to handle all three by myself so instead we pulled Kylie out of school and surprised the kids with an overnight trip. It was seriously one of the funnest trips we've had down there. I feel like we've been cooped up for the past 3 weeks since Maddox has been born. Jayden has probably watched more TV in the past 3 weeks than he has in the past 3 years, so we definately took advantage of our chance to get out of the house. I was nervous since Maddox has been so naughty, but he was a dream and slept the whole time (that's why he's not in a single picture, poor kid).
When we got there that evening we walked around the U of A campus and strolled through the shops and restraunts, then settled on the ever classy Johnny Rockets for dinner. Afterwards we watched the election results and it was funny to see the kids getting so into it. There was a huge democratic convention going on at the hotel we were staying at and the kids got pretty ticked at all the cheering going on since they were voting for the pretty lady and Jesus :). I wasn't sure how Maddox would do that night, but he had a 6 1/2 hr. stretch, which is the longest he's ever gone. My favorite thing about staying in a hotel is the room darkening shades. The kids and I didn't wake up until almost 10am, I seriously got more sleep that night than I have since before getting pregnant. We took our time getting ready that morning and layed around watching cartoons until we met Jason for lunch. It's funny because every time we go outside of Gilbert I always feel alot more self consicous because everyone is staring at me and thinking I'm crazy for having so many kids. It was bad when I had two and it's even worse now that I have 3. I feel really old and really young at the same time. Really old because I have so many kids and too young to have as many kids as I do. So with that said, we're trying our best to not draw attention to ourselves as we're eating lunch with all the college kids at the restraunt. We've only managed a few stares and comments, and then it happens. Kylie is leaning on the table and the entire thing tips, all of our drinks that were just filled up go everywhere--on the carseat with the sleeping baby, in the diaper bag, on our food, in our laps, on the are crying, we are drenched, everyone is staring and all Jason and I could do was look at eachother and laugh. After our lunch experience I took the kids to our favorite zoo. We go everytime we're down there and it never gets old. Here are the highlights:
We got there just in time to watch them feed pumpkins to the elephants. It was really cool to see them smash them up then use their trunks to eat.
With so many cool animals to see, why is it that the roaming peacocks are always the favorite?

Next to the peacocks, these monkeys are a favorite too. They are always doing the coolest tricks. It's nice to see some zoo animals that actually do more than just sit in their cages.

The little monkey moved away before I could figure out how to turn off my dang flash, but you can kind of see it.
At this little waterpark you can push the buttons to make water spray at different parts, here Kylie surprised Jayden and soaked him. It's November and instead of stopping her, I take a picture. I'm a good mom.
After the zoo we went to the park to play. The kids really wanted to do the spider thing on the swing, but did they listen to mom when I said they were too big and would get stuck? No, and it turns out that they were too big and got stuck. Once again I get mom of the year award for taking pictures of my screaming child before rescuing him. After the park we went to a museum on campus then out for ice cream sundaes before Jason got off work and brought take out for dinner.
Before heading home we stopped by for some go-kart racing. Jayden smoked Kylie, I don't think he took his foot off the gas the entire time. Kylie on the other hand came to almost a complete stop each time she came to a turn in the road. We decided she will be allowed to get her license, whereas Jayden may never see the drivers seat of a car before he's 25. The kids all slept the entire 1 1/2 hour drive home, it was the perfect ending to a perfect getaway.


Chelsea said...

oh good for you, I forgot about your mini trip, I felt like I hadn't talked to you forever! so glad you stopped by today. it really did sound like a fabluous trip, minus the table tipping, YIKES! how sad. That zoo looks awesome and once again you always manage to pack in as much fun as humanly possible into every trip!

Suni said...

Jamie you amaze me with all your energy, you are such a fun mom!! Its always nice to have a little getaway!

Janessa said...

How fun! I'm so glad that you had such a fun and relaxing get away. I can totally picture the whole table thing. How sad...and funny. You guys are such great parents to just laugh about it. I'm glad Maddox was so good for you while you were gone. I hope that good behavior comes around a little more often now that your back home. I know what you mean about that two week honeymoon period with a newborn. Dang it that it doesn't ever last! Like you said, he's so stinkin' cute though he could just cry all day and it would be all right. Okay, maybe all day would be pushing it.

bunch of 'brooks said...

This is how you fix the sleep issue. Go to Disneyland for 4-5 days, get your baby really exhausted during the day, and maybe Maddox will learn to sleep 12hours straight through the night!! Briar just accomplished that wonderful trick over Fall Break! It was the best trip to Disneyland I've ever taken!!!!

Cammi said...

Hey Jamie,

I'm sure you've already heard of this, but I thought I'd mention it anyway. Have you read the "Baby Wise" book? There is a whole schedule in there that is supposed to help babies sleep well, etc. I used it a little with Logan, and it was great for getting him to sleep through the night, but I didn't do the whole schedule all day because he was my only child so it wasn't as stressful. I've recently heard so many people talking about it again and saying that it works so well. If I were to have another baby, I would definitely try it out.

My nephew just visited who is 3 months old and he was a bit fussy, but luckily he had the whole cute thing going for him too, so I didn't mind one bit. Besides, his cry was so quiet and cute. Helps that I'm not the mother, huh?

Good luck to you. Oh - and you are an awesome mother. I hope you know that. WAY more fun than me!

Jodee said...

Those unplanned, last min. trips are always the best! We still talk about how great our last trip to LA was for some convention Ronnie had down there. No plans, no schedule, so much fun!
I love the park picture, that little boy in the background looks like he's about to call CPS on you! Good times!

Ann said...

Glad you could make some memories while getting away with a newborn. I always think those kind of trips are more trouble than they are worth. Thank Goodness for cameras that capture all the fun moments.

Funny what your kids were calling Barack Obama!!

nicole said...

Was that secret little trick Wes and I told you about what helped Maddox sleep???? It works like a charm :) But I don't think it's mentioned in Babywise. Hehe.

WishTrish said...

LOL! Nevan got caught in one of those kiddie swings a few weeks ago and he is 10! He knew better. What's worse is it was WAY off of the ground, and I couldn't lift him high enough to help him out because I'm short. So, it took the combined efforts of another, taller Mom and I to get my scrawny 50 pounds 10 year old out of that swing. I think I took a picture, too.

I think some of us worst mommies are the best bloggers. :) JK. We aren't that bad of mommies. :)

Amber said...

There is really something to the 2 week grace period~my sister in law warned me when I first had Grayson. She said all babies are perfect until the day they hit 2 weeks!
Aiden is so similar. He has to be held to go to sleep, and it has been that way since day one. I can't set him down or he wakes up. It can be so frustrating!
Good luck!