Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Child's Play Fieldtrip

I had so much fun chaperoning Kylie's school field trip to the theater, "Child's Play". They watched the production of Goodnight Moon and it was so cute. It was really well done and Kylie was so intrigued the whole time. I was excited about the idea of taking Kylie and Jayden back another time, until I looked on-line and saw that regular ticket prices are $20-$25--ouch! I'm glad Kylie enjoyed it so much because that will probably be the last time we'll go! Afterwards they went to a park and had a picnic. I just loved spending the whole day with Kylie (thankyou Michelle and Chelsea for watching Jayden!!). It's cute to see her interact with her friends and it made my day when she wanted me to play at the park with her instead of her friends. What a memorable day, thanks Kylie for letting me tag along, I loved every minute of it!

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