Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Boy's Trip

I was hoping that Jason could enter the blogging world for his first time to write about his guys weekend, but the poor kid is so busy all the time that I figured I better attempt to recap his weekend. I don't have a lot to contribute since "what happens on a boys trip, stays on a boys trip", but I do know that they had a great time. He went up to Utah on a Thursday and was able to stay with his sister, Andrea and her family in Provo. Friday he went snowboarding with his younger sister, Jessica and her boyfriend. Then on Saturday he met up with 3 of his highschool buddies and hit the slopes hard. They had fun hanging out Saturday and Sunday then we were glad to have him back home safely on Sunday. I wish I had more details of the fun times they had on their trip, because I know that he always has a blast when he gets together with his "homies". I was just glad to atleast get pictures this time (thanks, Shawn!) I'm glad he had such a fun time, he definately deserved a break!


Shanen said...

Jamie I've missed reading your posts. I know you probably haven't been feeling the greatest, but I hope it isn't too bad. Maybe you are just enjoying Spring Break so much you haven't had time to blog.

Ricky and Janessa Cazier said...

What beautiful pictures! I'm getting so excited for our reunion this summer in those wonderful Utah mountains! I'm glad Jason had a fun trip with his homies. That's such a fun tradition. I'll bet you're feeling ready for your girls trip! Hope it's a blast!

Jodee Chapman said...

Nice pictures. I like the "what happens on a boys trip stays on a boys trip" very fitting. I am glad he is back, safe, and can now take good care of you again.