Monday, March 13, 2017

Saturday agenda

A few weeks ago my sister called on a Saturday. I was in the middle of tying cleats, looking for a lost shin guard, filling up water bottles and trying to find drop off instructions for a dance competition. "You sound busy" she said as I'm barking out orders in between our conversation. I had to laugh as I recalled my day to her...up at dawn delivering flyers for a youth fundraiser, merit badge clinic, basketball game, football practice, running 4 miles, football game, dance competition, soccer team pictures and a soccer game. Yeah, you could say I was busy. I purposely didn't sign Ryder up for soccer during winter thinking it would be too much to have all 4 involved in sports at once, what I didn't realize was that the seasons overlapped for a month. It's been a bit crazy, but Jason and carpools have been a lifesaver. And as always, it makes it worth it to see them out there playing their little hearts out doing what they love. Maddox has really improved this season, he went from being the designated center to scoring his first touch down, pulling flags left and right and throwing a perfect spiral right in the arms of his teammate while playing QB. It was fun to cheer him on and see him improve so much.

Jayden has had a much better season in basketball as well. He wasn't quite up to the same level as his former teammates last season and spent most of the season on the bench. He found a great team to be on this season and has shown so much improvement as his confidence level has gone up. He was a regular starter and contributed a lot to his team. His team ended up doing really well in the season and tournament and we're looking forward to him playing again with them in spring.

And this little stinker is just as adorable as ever out on the field. He loves being the goal defender and has a pretty powerful kick. He's just so full of energy and life, running all over the field with a huge smile on his face and that little tongue sticking out every time he kicks the ball. Cutest little fireball. These kids sure make me proud!

I won't lie, joining the world of company dance has been quite an adjustment. It is such a huge financial and time commitment, but Kylie has loved every minute of it and it's been fun watching her be a part of something she is so passionate about and is really good at. She had her first competition, her team was the opening act for her category and I was seriously blown away. It was a ballroom number, but not the kind of ballroom I was expecting. No trace of the waltz or fox trot, no way, we're talking spicy hot salsa! They were on fire and I think it made Jason blush a little to see his baby girl out there dancing like that! But it was incredible and they took first place for their category and first place over all, it was awesome. They performed two other dances and came is first for their category in those as well. It was a great way to kick off competition season and I couldn't be more proud of her!

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Julene Puga said...

I love how involved your kids are and they are all doing so well! You are an amazing mom! It is so impressive how much you can get done with such a busy schedule and you still have time to blog. You inspire me!!