Thursday, August 11, 2016

Thirty six


Thirty-six. I'm not quite sure how I feel about that. One year closer to 40, a few more smile lines showing, my metabolism slowing, my eyelids looking slightly droopy and I thought I saw a faint trace of a varicose vein on my leg. I'm not gonna lie, I feel like I've peaked and it's a downward slope from here on out. But this year is also a turning point as my days have transitioned from craft projects, splash pads, McDonald's playland, peanut butter & jelly, and Disney channel, to a quiet lunch of acai bowls, browsing Target's newest line of table lamps, blasting spotify while scrubbing the house, hitting that 8:30 body pump class and connecting with old friends on lunch dates. I mean, for the first time I was able to paint my nails and have the time to let them thoroughly dry without getting smudged by opening fruit snacks or wiping a bum. It was liberating. I was even able to spend a solid thirty minutes browsing the birthday card aisle to pick out that perfect card for my sister and dad. But every day isn't spent lounging in yoga pants painting nails and laughing it up at cafes. I recently read that the beginning of the school year is like New Years for moms. A fresh start, a renewed energy, a chance to make a long list of resolutions and hit the ground running. I've fully embraced that change, making a schedule for myself and filling my days with everything I've wanted to do but have never had the time. Although I might be getting myself in over my head as I volunteered to be room mom and Art Masterpiece teacher for almost all of their classrooms. But I am looking forward to being in the classroom more, chaperoning field trips, attending the temple regularly, tackling projects at home, taking an institute class, exercising more, and being open to whatever comes my way. Like, I ordered a case of apples and the idea of canning apple pie filling without a baby strapped to my chest just thrills me beyond belief. I sorta feel guilty that I am enjoying this new found freedom so much, but I also feel like a much better mom with more patience and energy. Besides, after 14 years I've earned the right to binge watch Parenthood while working on photo books. I do miss having a little one to cuddle, I know my days of morning snuggles in bed won't last forever and I'm soaking up every last minute. These past 14 years have been filled with my best memories as I've had the pleasure of raising each one of my little chickens in the comfort of our little nest. It's definitely a bittersweet time of life right now.

My birthday started out with hot pancakes waiting for me when I got back from the gym, then lunch with my cute friends that spoil me much more than I deserve. We spent 2 1/2 hours catching up after the summer break, so grateful to have these girls in my life. Jason took me to dinner that night then to see the latest Jason Bourne movie. Those movies have always been our thing and I couldn't wait to watch it with him. And there's something about a midweek date that get's me excited. Yes, staying up until 11:00 on a Thursday night is all it takes to get me excited these days.  So here's to 36, and all the changes that come with growing one year older and wiser too.

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