Saturday, August 06, 2016

Low rider

We got a golf cart. It's totally unnecessary, but totally fun. When I told my sister, she totally laughed out loud and couldn't understand why a family of non-golfers would want to buy a golf cart. Maybe it's a just a Gilbert thing, but it's so common here to see people cruising around the neighborhoods on golf carts and it looked so fun. So yes, I'm ashamed to admit it, but we caved to the peer pressure. But it's been so fun going for family rides in the evening, stopping for ice cream at McDonald's, almost getting busted for doing donuts on the grass, blasting Justin Bieber on the portable blue tooth speaker, Jason's tie flapping in the wind as he drives around dropping treats off for his home teaching families, sneaking onto the golf course at night, chasing cats and rabbits, Jason embarrassing the boys when he drops them off at the bus stop then keeps driving by honking the horn, going off-roading on the dirt hill and just hanging out together. Part nerdy, completely a blast.

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