Friday, August 05, 2016


I expected tears. Lots and lots of tears. Some from Ryder, but mostly from me. He has a history of rough first days, kindy and preschool drop off was anything but a walk in the park. Not to mention, I was an emotional wreck back at preschool graduation when I tried picturing my every day life without my spikey haired little shadow by my side. But the funny thing about summer is that having a house full of kids for two months makes you start fantasizing about how a house all to your self might not be that bad after all.  Although, I will miss staying up late watching old reruns of The Office with Kylie and Jayden. But there is something satisfying about being back on a schedule with everyone freshly bathed, teeth brushed, stories read and tucked in by 8:00. And the thrill of new shoes with their squeaky soles and backpacks with fuzzy alien key chains complete with a matching lunch box is all it takes to get the kids excited. New uniforms don't really do the trick, but a package of fresh new socks and boxer shorts still with the pressed creases sure will. Ryder wore his back pack around the house and requested to eat his lunch out of his lunchbox every day for a week. I was sure hoping the novelty wouldn't wear off before the actual day. I love that they did a practice day this year where the kinders got to go for an hour to practice the routine. I expected tears, but I only got smiles.

Then came the real day. But first I have to pause and take the spotlight off of Ryder for a minute, because not only is my last baby starting kindergarten, but my first baby is starting high school. I was feeling all the feels this morning. And even though I might not be ready, I know she's got this.  Cool as a cucumber and she didn't even eat lunch in the bathroom on her first day like her mother did, so already things are off to a great start. If only she can get used to this whole waking up at 5 am deal.

Ryder was so excited to be added to the chore rotation now. We'll see how long it takes for the novelty to wear off.

Handsome boys all ready to go. Jayden is starting 6th grade, his last year at elementary school. This year it is especially hitting me how fleeting time is and how little time we have left with all my chicks in the nest. Maddox is starting 2nd grade and is handling it like a champ. No first day nerves, just excited to get back and reunite with his best friend, Tate. Their desks are right next to each other. They talk about minecraft all day.

And just like that, my heart drove away on a big yellow school bus.

And then 10 minutes later the hearts were all reunited since we were the creepy parents following behind the school bus in the car. We wanted Ryder to get used to riding the bus, but also wanted to be there to walk him in on the first day.

I love this picture. Imparting last words of wisdom before he begins this new chapter of his life.

I spied on him as we walked out, small talking with the other moms about how fast the summer went by, commenting on the heat wave and pausing for one last look as we gushed about how cute they were in their little desks. Then just like that, my baby was a kindergartner. The house was eerily quiet when I got home. Part of me wanted to curl up in the fetal position and cry and part of me wanted to blast music and sing at the top of me lungs. I did a little of both.

He came home so excited and so full of energy, it was a little strange. All of my other kids came home exhausted and cranky, it's such a long time for them to sit and such a big transition. The next day the same thing happened, and the day after that, and the day after that. I was waiting for the melt down, the novelty to wear off, the moment they realize life as they know it with goldfish crackers on the couch and afternoon movie parties is over and this is their lot in life for the next 13 years. But it never came, and I thought surely this must be the easiest kindergarten transition in the history of ever. And then it came. A phone call on Friday, a boy in hysterics, crying so hard he couldn't breathe and wanting only his mom. It started when he made a mistake on his work, his teacher told him it was no big deal, but he got embarrassed and it all snowballed. The floodgates opened and all those five year old first day of school emotions came pouring out. I wanted nothing more than to scoop him up and bring him home and snuggle him up in bed. But he is in such capable hands, we lucked out to get the same kindergarten teacher that Kylie and Jayden had, and I'm convinced there's no one in the world better than her. Things have been good ever since, besides a few tears here and there, but that's normal. It's a lot for such a little guy to take in.

I have a feeling it's going to be a great year. Everyone loves their teachers and has friends in their classes and that's a first. Cheers to a great start to the new year!

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