Sunday, January 03, 2016

Sun, Sand and Sea

We spent our last couple of days at the beach, and there is really no other place we would rather be. Our good friends, the Herrera's, had a beach house the same week and invited us to crash with them. They are pretty much our soul mate family. Everyone has a best friend in their family and it's always a party when we're together. We stayed for a night and the kids stayed in the ocean from sun up to sun down. I can't think of a better way to spend a day. 

It was sad to see another fun vacation come to an end, but are grateful for the memories we have bottled up to take with us. So this is us eating Little Caesar's pizza for dinner in the parking lot at Yuma. We've had a "no food or drinks in the car" rule that has been going strong. On our way back from Knott's Berry everyone was so hot and thirsty that we decided to make an exception to the rule and stop for slurpees. Jason gave everyone the lecture about not spilling, not taking the lids off or the straws out and being super careful. Everything was fine and dandy until we got to the hotel and as we're unloading we hear Maddox burst into tears. We look and he and the seat are covered in a volcano of red cherry slush. Jayden had given him the rest of his slurpee and he was obedient to Jason's rule about not taking the lid off, but instead tried to funnel Jayden's drink into his own when the lid came off and there was slurpee everywhere. Needless to say, the no food and drink rule has since been reinstated. In the name of full disclosure, Ryder also peed on the side of the building right here. Life with kids...I wouldn't want it any other way, spills, public urination and all.

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