Sunday, November 17, 2013

Show day 

I've had a hunch that I'm not really a fair kinda girl, today confirmed that theory.  I don't know, I would take a day relaxing on the beach over pushing a stroller at least 10 miles through crowds with a two year old who successfully wiggles out of the buckles, a 5 year old sitting on top of the stroller because his legs are too tired, a stroller tipping over because it's not made for a 5 year old to sit on top of, losing kids in crowds, cleaning up a bloody nose, explaining for the hundredth time that we're not spending more money on rides because it already cost a small fortune just to get in, and don't get me started on the meltdowns every time we walked past an ice cream vendor. Which was every two feet. I did splurge for donuts, although that was just as much a reward for me. And then coming home exhausted only to have your kids tell you they would have rather been at school. Yes, I'd take the beach over this any day.  But we went and I'm glad we did it once while we're here, especially since the A&P show is such a big deal. It's Canterbury's birthday celebration, it runs for three days and the last day is a public holiday so everyone can attend. We played hooky and I took the kids out of school on Thursday to beat the crowds (in theory), it's too bad Jason couldn't come, though.  So here is proof that we went and a reminder that there were fleeting moments of fun.

I had to laugh at how different the vendor food is here. And just for the record I have tried Whitebait, which is a little tiny fish that you eat entirely whole. I only had one, but I ate the eyeballs and everything. I know, I don't even recognize this girl anymore either.

They have a maternity ward where you can watch sheep give birth. Live. I was equally intrigued and queasy about the idea. I'm not sure if it was fortunate or unfortunate that we didn't see any being born, but the moms all walked around with blood smeared on their wool and that was enough. But seeing those little baby lambs trying to walk on those wobbly legs was just about the cutest thing you ever did see...

Jayden loves a competition, no matter what it is.  I seriously had to drag him away from this sheep contest. He had no idea what they were judging, he just knew it was a competition and he had to see who the winner was.

And sheep sheering is a real sport. With team jerseys, stop watches, commentators and everything.  I was just hoping this sheep shearer would take the clippers to his mullet. It didn't happen.

and that's a wrap.


Janessa said...

I still say primitive on the ferris wheel. That's so funny that you were thinking it would be much better without all the claustrophobic restraints! Ha, ha! I don't know either about the maternity ward with the sheep. As a mother of six, I could probably handle it. I think my kids would be scarred though! You're such a fun mom to drag the troops out and give them the fair experience. I agree though, the fair is a lot of work (and money) for the occasional wave of fun that hits through out the day. It's a good one timer. Now you can check it off your list:)

Ronnie said...

I think I prefer the sheep pictures from afar. I like the little white dots on the grassy green hills as opposed to the naked crotch shot or the bloody wool thanks.
I guess you have to experience ALL of the NZ culture, even tiny whole fish and over priced fair rides. Good for you for enduring and documenting. And you can't beat those cute little smiles up there. Good thing there is a gorgeous beach to go explore next ;)

Chelsea said...

the mullet, the sheep shearing, the bloody postpartum momma....holy moly. Hilarious and so weird. I have to say the thing that is disturbing me the most is that you ate a whole fish with its eyeballs!!! and how did it taste? you failed to include that bit.