Monday, November 11, 2013


It was rainy and overcast all morning, but as soon as there was a break in the clouds we made a run for it.  Sometimes I wish we were a lounge-around-in-cozy-pajamas-all-day kind of family, but as we attempted to sit down for lunch I realized we just aren't. Jason and I gazed at each other across the table that Ryder was climbing on, we couldn't hear each other speak over the sound of Maddox singing and Kylie and Jayden bickering and we both knew we had to get out.  I love that we can hop in the car and 15 minutes later stumble upon an adventure. We went back to Victoria park (of the Sunday picnic and kite flying fame) to try out their trails that the kids were convinced they were far too weak to attempt the last time we were there. I didn't bring my big camera (and if I'm going to use crappy cell phone pics I will at least give it the decency of a good filter), because I figured if you've seen one hike you've seen them all, but I wanted to capture a few pictures because there was something about this day that was just awesome.  I didn't have high expectations, it was just a way to burn off some bottled up energy, but it ended up being one of my favorite hikes (what's that? I say that about every hike?). Jason played hide and go seek in the woods with the kids, they spent some time playing in a fort they stumbled across that someone had made, we played "would you rather" as we hiked and we had some earth shattering discussions about Man vs. Wild. Kylie is now asking for a pink rhinestone rifle for Christmas.We just took our time exploring. No rush, no agenda, just us, some hiking sticks, a flower wreath, a rock collection, three grass whips, two homemade swords and the great out doors.


Ali said...

Perhaps the best type of adventure is the one "stumbled upon". Where you live - and how you live - means there's a new adventure waiting every time you get up and go out!

Best wishes from my full-on snow day!

Janessa said...

What, you took those on your phone? You must have a decent phone camera. They all look so magical. I'm craving me a good forest to go exploring. What a perfect Saturday afternoon. I love the way you and Jason jump in and join in on the adventure too. Carpe Diem!

Jodee said...

Nothing like a good filter ;)
Looks magical and sounds lovely. I totally get the need to just get out of the house. I haven't quite mastered the lounge around in pjs all day either. But it sounds nice.