Sunday, November 17, 2013

Akaroa, take two 

So while the rest of the town was buying overpriced American hot dogs and cheering on sheep shearers at the fair, we enjoyed a much more relaxing and enjoyable day being one with nature. Our intent wasn't to go to Akaroa. We were going to Okains Bay on the other side of the mountain.  The same mountain that I'm pretty sure is constantly enveloped by an avalanche of clouds, I thought it was just a freak thing last time we were here, so it was fascinating to see the same thing today.  It was sunny out, but as soon as we climbed the mountain we entered an entirely different climate zone. Fog so thick that it didn't do much in the way of relieving the kids' fear of falling off the side of the road (which we did see that happen to a car the last time we were here).  It was windy and rainy and we felt sorta out of place in our swimsuits and beach towels.  We figured it would be sunny once we got off the mountain, but no such luck. Once we got there poor Jayden was so carsick (those beautiful mountain roads come with a price) he just laid in the backseat and moaned. Ryder had fallen asleep and Kylie and I didn't hesitate volunteering to stay in the warm car to keep an eye on him which left Maddox and Jason to explore. They didn't last long.  So that was our experience with Okains Bay, supposedly one of the prettiest beaches, but I wouldn't know.

We decided we might as well go to Akaroa since we were this close.  Poor Jayden spent the good part of the first hour just lying motionless in the grass.  I guess if you're going to be carsick this is the best place to recover.

Most of the beaches here are rocky, but those rocks provide hours of entertainment.  Jason and Jayden have tied the rock skipping record at 6 (although there is rumors of a 10 skipper, but I have my doubts).

Ryder made our family out of rocks. He kept trying to add an extra rock, but I'm not taking that as a sign.

Jason's "see who can catch the most rocks" contest lasted for quite some time.  Sometimes it's the simplest things that are the most entertaining.

I think this little french town is so cute and let's discuss for a minute how I'm in love with all the little churches that dot the New Zealand landscape. They have such beautiful old cathedrals in Christchurch, although it is sad that the majority of them have been damaged beyond repair in the earthquake, and every little town we drive through always has a quaint little church. I want to peek inside each and every one but my vote always gets vetoed.  I also love all the private church schools in the area, I wish we could afford the tuition based entirely on the fact that I'm itching to see my kids dressed to the nines in blazers, plaid skirts and knee high socks.

Ice cream on the pier sounds so romantic, but the truth is we all just huddled inside the gazebo at the end because it was so cold. I told Kylie I would give her my jacket if she let me take just one picture.

It's still hard to believe that outings like these have become our new weekend norm. It's going to be a harsh reality when we return and our Saturdays are once again filled to the brim with yard work, sports and errands. We are definitely enjoying this while it lasts. (and yes, some sort of bribe was used for this picture as well)


Tyson and Dawn Jolley said...

Your weekends are filled with such beautiful outings! Love all the photos!

Janessa said...

Yeah, it'll be hard to go back to regular old boring weekends for sure! Sorry the weather wasn't better and I feel so bad for poor Jayden! I love that you bribe your kids for pictures too! Great shots, as always! Love the fog element.

Ali said...

What I think you'll find particularly hard isn't so much yard weekends as having to narrow your best photos down to 100 before you publish! I have had to give up picking "best photo of the Jamie blog"; too many.

And I finally capitulated on this blog, and felt some Aussie/NZ homesickness. Now I'm thinking you should be working for NZ Tourism as well as publishing stories and photos!

Ronnie said...

IT's like perma vacation. What a life. I am so glad you are all soaking it up. I will be living vicariously through you while we endure the cold and rain this winter. Here comes the sun!!!

Chelsea said...

OK! those last 3 pictures are incredible! In love! but Kylie! on that pier with that sea foam colored water and white fence behind her with sailboats, holding an ice cream cone & wearing a pink glitter heart shirt!! Its all too much! Please blow it up HUGE for her room. And that last one for your family room. 2ftx3ft please. What unbelievable memories you're making.