Sunday, June 02, 2013


I got Kylie tickets to Taylor Swift's Red tour for her birthday, but let's be honest, they were just as much for me.  I've been looking forward to this night with my girl since last december when I bought the tickets, and it did not disappoint.  It was at the same venue as the Justin Bieber concert (but JB is soooo 30 seconds ago), we wore red (Kylie can totally pull off the special occasion red lipstick, not me), went with a fun group, ate dinner in a rush, rocked out to Ed Sheeran (from one {former} ginger to another, way to represent!) and then were awed by the lady in red herself.  Taylor (I spent a full 2hrs with her, I think it's fair to say we're on a first name basis now) put on an amazing show and I loved singing and dancing along with Kylie.  I really tried my best to not embarass her, but I think it was an epic failure. She kept giving me that look.  It really was the perfect way to celebrate the last day of school and kick off one incredible summer!

don't be fooled, we had nosebleed seats, she just moved to a second stage halfway through that was right below us. Plus I have a really swell zoom lens.

And as a P.S. (because Taylor trumps), I present to you the last day of school picture and our traditional neighborhood swim party earlier in the day. Man, I'm going to miss these neighbors.


Jodee said...

This just made me SO excited!!! I can't wait to go with Madison! I may have to steal your awesome pics cause I am pretty sure we are in the nosebleeds and I do NOT have an awesome zoom lens. Kylie is gorgeous and you are SO right, she pulls off that red lipstick like nobodies business! But I bet you could too;)
Such a fun way to end school and kick off summer.

Chelsea said...

your lens is impressive! what a fun night that you both will always remember!

Chelsea said...

p.s. i think you could rock the red lip!

Janessa said...

That girl is gorgeous! Dang, watch out when she turns 16! I agree with Chelsea, you could totally rock the red lips too! You got some great pictures. What an amazing night that you'll both remember for a long time! Perfect way to kick off the summer! Oh, and I'm sure the swimming party was fun too:)