Sunday, June 16, 2013

Father's Day

So grateful for the father of my children. And so grateful that he spoils me rotten on mother's day, but doesn't give me a single eye roll when all he gets is eggo waffles and microwaveable sausage egg sandwiches on the floor for his big breakfast. He also didn't complain that he had to break the cardinal rule of not lifting a finger on father's day when he had to install a new kitchen faucet. I like that he is low drama, low maintenance and low diva status, but instead leaves that part up to me. These kids are lucky to call them dad and I'm lucky to have him by my side as we navigate through this whole parenting thing together. Happy Father's Day!


Janessa said...

Love the "no frills, but we love you the most" celebration this year. Such a great dad!

Jodee said...

Perfect match you two are. I love the breakfast on the floor. What a good dad.