Tuesday, June 18, 2013


I got to be real intimate with our house as I scrubbed every wall and crevis.  As I was down on all fours working up a sweat, I couldn't help but think of all the memories we've made within these walls over the past almost 7 years.  What to one person may just look like a house that was worn, to me looks like a house that was well loved.  As we moved furniture out you could see how worn the carpet was in front of the rocking chair from all the countless nights of rocking babies.  I had to scrub lipstick off my bathroom wall from Kylie wiping it on there every time she got ready for a dance recital.  We had to fill so many holes in Maddox's room from all the crap projects he pinned on the wall.  We had to have drywall repairs from their plasma cars getting crashed into the wall while we raced around (yes, I liked to join the fun too). Not to mention the hole that got knocked into our wall when Maddox was building a train out of chairs. I found pushpins left in the ceiling from hanging decorations every birthday.  I tried scrubbing out nail polish that got spilled on the carpet during girl parties. After 6 months I'm still vacuuming up the garland that I hung on our staircase every Christmas. The spray paint stains on the back patio from pinterest projects gone right, and many pinterest projects gone wrong.  The little garden that may seeem small but saw its fair share of summer tomatoes. We finally replaced the screen door that had a hole just the right size for Ryder to drop rocks into the house.  Our backyard is covered in rocks that have been painted and colored as my go to crap project. We even have Kylie and Jayden's handprints in the cement that we poured on our back patio.  The rooms that we stayed up all night painting.  The floors that we spent weeks laying...When people looked at these pictures we posted on the MLS I'm sure what they saw was just another house, but when I look at these pictures I see nothing but a home.  Our home.


Janessa said...

Awe, I'm sad you're leaving it and it's not even my home. I have some mighty fine memories of that place too! It's a good thing 97% of all your wonderful memories have been painstakingly recorded on the blog so you will have them to forever cherish:)

Tyler and Margaret said...

The kitchen where we cooked a Thanksgiving meal gone very right! The guest room that allowed us to be together as a family for a month during Tyler's 4th year of med school. The playroom where Shannon and Maddox killed the family fish via crayon poisoning. The pool of polar bear plunges. The house where Jamie and I became sister wives and Jason became Jay Bird. Love that place too. I got teary eyed driving home from Enoch Sunday after saying goodbye. Very excited for you!

Jodee said...

It is a beautiful house and I am sure holds countless memories. But its a good thing that no matter what, you will feel at home when you are surrounded by your cute family. Love you Jame, Can't wait to hear all about your adventures!