Sunday, December 09, 2012


Instead of nice organized little posts, I'm throwing the latest haps into one big goolash picture casserole. First up, the holiday parade. I love the small town feel, I love the homemade floats and the local elementary schools that sing Christmas songs that actually include the word "Christ".  It was like 20 degrees warmer than last year so Maddox was sweating in his hat that he has been waiting like two years for me to make. Kylie was still ultra emberassed that I dare walk beside her and snap a few pictures.  I tried to not let it bother me.  Okay, I lied, I didn't try at all. I made it very obvious that after we packed everyone up at 8:00 on a Saturday morning, trekked about a mile with the stroller and 5 camping chairs to see her dance, I was entitled to take any and all pictures that I see fit. She did look cute, though, and maybe my picture obsession can be a bit much.  We made up later over hot chocolate and nail polish.

And here's the look that let me know:

Maddox decided he didn't need training wheels anymore.  He brought Jason the tools, they took them off, he was giddy as a school girl, he would pedal aimlessly into curbs and bushes with Jason chasing behind to save him as he laughed like a lunatic.  It was pretty entertaining.  And then he decided he was done and brought the tools back for Jason to put the wheels back on.  It was fun while it lasted but I don't think any of us are quite ready for them to come off for good.

I'm too lazy to do Elf on a Shelf so Kylie took matters into her own hands and transformed an elf ornament into our very own Sammie the Elf.  I'm so glad she picked up the slack, the boys are elated.

Maddox is up to his usual crap project shenanigans.  Today it was snowflakes and a helmet made out of a Trix yogurt cup.  This boy keeps me busy, but I love his imagination.

It's been fun taking pictures for some friends. I have also realized that I could never do this for a living. I have a greater admiration for the professionals.

And so much for not decorating the tree only half way up.  Ryder has managed to do that for me.  Little stinker. Cute little stinker. That's a wrap, now go eat some figgy pudding.


Jodee said...

I love Maddox and his crap projects. What a silly kid. And I am so glad to know I am not the only mom without an elf on the shelf. Creepy little fellow!

Tyson and Dawn Jolley said...

I had no clue what an elf on the shelf was until Pinterest. If I grew up without it, then im sure my kiddos will survive christmas without it also. And I agree, he is a little creepy!
Maddox is such a cutie, he is looking so much bigger! And Ryder is getting big too! Cant wait to see you guys at Christmas time!

Michelle Y. said...

Great job on your photography! I especially love Nicole's :)

Janessa said...

Ha, ha! "The look" were so in trouble! I agree with all that you do as the mama, unlimited picture taking is a given right! Glad you made up:) I can totally picture Maddox just thrilled with his new found bike skills. Too bad it didn't last. The crap project pictures are too cute! Love the hat:) Way to go with the family pics! Wish you lived closer to us. I'd book you for sure!