Friday, December 21, 2012

All the Whos down in Who-ville

Oh great, here she goes again {insert eye roll}.  You have to remember that the holidays are like a cheezy mom's super bowl, so I like to give it my all.  The last day of school is definately a reason to celebrate. Celebrating no more homework, no more early mornings, no more making lunches and welcoming pj's till noon and late night Christmas movies every night.  A celebration of this magnitude calls for a Grinch dinner (an idea I stole from here).  Roast Beast, Who-hash, Grinch punch, Who-pudding and Grinchy Greens.  Then topping the night off with a hot cocoa bar, Polar Express read by our own in-house Chinese Santa and the Polar Express movie.  Oh yes, tonight was my night to shine.  My history of planned events usually has a track record of going something like this: mom plans something fun, kids fight, mom yells, kids yell, mom refuses to do anything fun again, mom forgets and plans something fun again and the cycle occurs all over again.  Tonight was unprecedented with no fighting and an abudance of good tidings of great joy (okay, except for the balloon farting at the table). I didn't get my tinsel in a tangle even once, and I went to bed feeling like a good mom.  I like when that happens.


Janessa said...

Awe, love it! You should get some kind of super bowl ring for that one! You went all out with the name tags, food labels and all. I'm glad the kids enjoyed it and everyone had such a great time. This just may be a new tradition. Love the Chinese santa:)

Chelsea said...

so cute, love it all! did you already have green plates? perfect touch!

Jodee said...

so cute. you really do deserve a ring. I bet Kylie is instagramming all about it in that pic isn't she ;)